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Kinloch Castle makes the news yet again

I’ve waffled about Kinloch Castle before, more than once it seems.

It’s funny how some stories/appeals only seem to need one or two appearances in the media, and there seems to be a virtual army lined up behind them, while others seem barely even to evoke a response, and when it does appear, it’s apparently hostile and negative.

As someone who lives in an area where many a fine mansion was built in the 19th century, and who has in more recent years learnt that nearly all of them have been razed and lost without trace, I see the loss of any examples that have survived so far, and might yet be saved, as worthwhile.

In my own case of the area between the River Clyde and the east end of Glasgow, I can’t believe just how many ‘Big Houses’ once lay in the area, built by wealthy merchants who favoured the river view, have been wiped from the land, leaving little or no trace to show they ever even existed.

The only way I know of their past existence is through finding illustrations/photographs of them in books giving accounts of the area.

The most recent, which I actually saw, was on the grounds of Belvedere Hospital and referred to as the Doctor’s House. It was systematically stripped then ultimately demolished and erased as a new housing estate was partly built in an attempt to profit from the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Shames. My guess is that the developer was out to make a quick buck from the mugs expected to come and witness this folly, and thought the houses could be let to them at vastly inflated rates. I also guess this never happened, and to this observer at least, work appeared to stop early, the site was abandoned with only about half the area cleared being built on, then the contractors, plant, and machinery disappeared. The remainder of the building site was landscaped, and is now just flat grassland.

The derelict roofless shell of Belvedere House eventually disappeared too.

(Sad, and embarrassing, to say, although I collected one or two pics of this over the years, I can’t lay hands on any of them today, so the pic that SHOULD here, isn’t. Sorry. I’ve searched and searched for them, but they seem to have disappeared too.)

While there are a few who are keen to preserve Kinloch Castle and see it as an asset in a remote place which has little to attract the tourist’s wallet (and lighten it for the benefit of the local community), if the comments after this media article is to be believed, the community “Don’t want none of that!”

Via: Campaigners plan bid to save Kinloch Castle from demolition

Kinloch Castle

Kinloch Castle © Ashley Dace via geograph


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