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Another painted footpath appeal

While I’ve yet to come across any of these ‘Public Warning’ signs in my own area, I do seem to spot them while wandering elsewhere.

This time it was a chance find on the streets of Westburn, near Cambuslang.

While my own streets have sprouted dozens of the advisory (not obligatory or legally enforceable) “Twenty’s Plenty” signposts, there are no footpath ‘repeaters’ like this example, one of a number spotted as I walked through the main street through Westburn.

Clearly completely invisible to drivers on the road, this is clearly aimed at the locals, and placed near the village shop.

Note the cute little speed numbers shown within the ‘O’ characters of the words in the bottom line.

In Town Slow Down Footpath Sign

In Town Slow Down Footpath Sign


Typically, having never come across this particular hint before, since seeing this one, I’ve tripped over at least two more examples in different areas. Although it should be said these have been much fainter and worn than the above.


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