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Puzzle solved and shoplifting smackhead nabbed

BarcodeAn interesting trip to the shops for a change.

I seem to attract smackheads like some people attract weirdos who pick them out to side beside in an empty bus.

This time I was looking at the ‘Reduced for quick sale’ shelf when a character tried to shove what appeared to be a rag in my hand with the words “Here’s some cheap cheese I don’t want, I just wrapped it up” slurred at me.


He was back a minute later, this time a pricey chocolate cake was slipped onto the Quick Sale shelf in front of me, and I was assured it was “A bargain” he’d changed his mind about.

I noted that NONE of the stuff he was ‘Putting back’ had actually been reduced in price.

Fast forward half an hour and I’m leaving – as I step outside I meet my generous slurring ‘mate’, now firmly surrounded by two security guards and a trolley that now only has three small items in its vast storage space. I couldn’t remember what was in it earlier – he was stinking too, and I just wanted some distance – but it was not as near empty as it now was. He was giving the ‘Nothing to do with me’ speech while one of the security team describes how they watched/recorded him burst open packages inside the store before leaving.

I walk on by, deciding not getting involved will pay the usual dividend, and also happy to have learned something new-ish.

I’d often wondered why certain types of items were to be found on the ‘Reduced for quick sale’ shelf, yet had no reason to be there.

I guess this shelf is a handy place to abandon stuff for anyone shoplifting if they think they have been spotted, since the contents are random. So, unlike normal shelves, odd items don’t look out of place – and this shelf can often have a mob at it, so covers odd behaviour.


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