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Sandyhills Friendship Group

I think I’ll pass on this offer, spotted while out for a walk last night.

It’s funny how there really are ‘Different strokes for different folks‘, now a slightly questionable phrase which has entered clichédom.

I’d probably think about ending it all, rather than be shut in a room with folk that age whose idea of passing time was darts, cards, or dominoes. I think I must have served my apprenticeship for this as a kid with elderly relatives, and it put me off the concept for life!

That’s not to be misrepresented as some sort of slight on those that do, rather that I don’t think my brain is wired in such a way as to ever see this sort of thing as an option.

And it seems I’m completely anti-social too (although nowhere near as bad as a story I saw recently, of a woman who pretended to be blind for 25 years to avoid interacting with people).

Sandyhills Friendship Group

Sandyhills Friendship Group

Where is the Friendship Group’s Community Flat?

Somewhere in one of these four skyscrapers – the poster was stuck in the bus shelter at bottom left…

Sandyhills Flats

Sandyhills Flats


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