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The golden throne of Carmyle

Some years ago I was a member of a fairly large Glasgow club where like-minded folk from the east end with an interest in amateur radio got together on a weekly basis – only one member turned up in a Jaguar, and he came from Carmyle.

The reason this came into my head a few days ago was down to something I saw while making one of my regular wanders past Carmyle, when I happened to look over a fence next to some ‘spare’ ground off Clydeford Road.

Looks like he might have been getting a makeover on his house.

I had to go back for a second look after passing this, as I thought I’d seen a glint of gold in passing, and curiosity got the better of me.

Sure enough, it was indeed a throne from the smallest room in the house, but a GOLDEN version – or at least with gold detailing.

I don’t know where the rest ended up, but it wasn’t nearby – I wonder if there were gold taps and fittings to go with it?

Guess nobody wanted to buy it, or scrape the gold leaf off.

Carmyle Golden Toilet

Carmyle Golden Toilet


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