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A little Ferrari to brighten a glum day

Since I started the day with a glum post, I thought I’d raise (some) spirits with an interesting Ferrari I found while haunting the back lanes of Glasgow. Getting off the beaten track can have its benefits.

The special bonnet openings (which lead to ducts along the side and are named as ‘Aero Bridge’) give this away as a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, in this case of early 2013 vintage.

Sadly, not fitted with a cherished number (or any at all in this view, although I know it, just a standard 13 plate), so no gem in that department.

Over 700 prancing horses on tap (almost 750 in reality) and 690 Nm (509 lb ft) of torque means around 3 seconds to 60 and 211 mph if there’s enough road handy.

I believe, at the time of this post, only three production Ferrari’s exceed these specs, and it was the most powerful when it was first released.

I think the most remarkable figure is actually the weight, with 12 different aluminium alloys claimed, and about 1,600 kg on the road.

Given the legislative changes over the years that’s not bad for a V12, as my (German) V8 from the 1980s is the same weight, if a bit slower.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2013

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2013

Revised thoughts

I thought more about the performance gap mentioned, and think my 1980s ‘supercar’ actually bears up well to this modern version.

Given that my V8 gives away just over 430 hp to the Italian, a top speed about 60 mph less is not so bad (recall that drag does not rise linearly, but exponentially with speed), and the dash to 60 between 5 and 6 seconds is not so shabby for the age either.

I think it’s even better, as the engine is not tuned for performance, but long distance Autobahn cruising, producing not much more than 60 bhp per litre, it will run flat-out for mile after mile. I think this is an aspect often forgotten today, where impressive numbers and short journeys are more likely.

Given Ferrari’s legendary reliability (or perhaps lack thereof), I know which one I’d chose for a road trip, even today.

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Site News June 2017

The news for June 2017 is…

There is no Site News (just kidding).

But there are some unexpected and unplanned changes – probably all but a few might be described as ‘good’.

Main Site (or Wiki)

A planned server migration at out host took place at the end of the first week of June.

A misunderstanding led to our domain disappearing. In fact, I checked the migration before it had actually been fully completed and thought it had gone through with no further action needed by me. I only discovered this a week later (so, I do other things too) when I tried to edit a page, and learned I had some reconfiguration to complete.

Since I hadn’t had any enquiries (which usually come from interested visitors who wonder why the site has disappeared), I thought I’d leave it alone until I was asked.

Since I haven’t had a single enquiry, I guess there is no longer anyone interested, so will be having a look at how the site is operated in future.

While I have no intention of bringing its existence to an end, there’s too much info collected there, often from sources that no longer exist, it if nobody’s interested, then I have to change how I spend my time playing with it.


Not much to say here.

I thought it was dead, now I know it is.

I will eventually replace it with one that can be left to ‘Run Itself’, soon(ish), but I don’t know when.


This continues to be where I like to spend my time, now I have more.

For the time being, this will continue to try to be a PaD project, and maintain a Post-a-Day.

Flickr Group

This, at least, continues to be attractive to some.

While I never had any plans for it, other than a place for interested people to share pics of finds or interests, it looks as if it will soon hit 10,000 contributed pics.

I guess I’ll have to mark that milestone, and say ‘Thank You’.

July 2017?

I’ll have to get the Wiki back online within the next few days.

As for anything else (apart from the new project I’ve hinted at)…

Who know?

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