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A little more Maserati

Since we had a nice Ferrari yesterday

Relatively rare here (although I seem to be finding them), Maseratis are quite popular in China these days, usually with wealthy girls or women. And like most supercars in China, they’re often seen in crashes (or just in unfortunate scenarios).

This is something I have learned purely by chance, having gained in interest in certain aspects of cars in China. Sad to say that the ‘New Money’ that seems to be pouring into the pockets of young celebrities (and others best not referred to) there does not appear to be bestowed with any more brains or intelligence than anywhere else in the world, and companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and their like are opening new showrooms there, now apparently their biggest market, where they are making a fortune from the horrendously expensive repairs to their cars, often employing carbon-fibre and other composite structures that can only be repaired by the factory. As the bills approach 5 and even 6-figure sums to repair, cars can be written off over there with some ease, rather than be repaired, unless their cost is in the millions (of dollars), since local taxes can double the price of a $2 million super or hyper car to $4 million, or even more.

Some Chinese buyers try to avoid the taxes by smuggling their hypercars into the country – and when they are caught, they lose the car entirely as it is confiscated and auctioned! Does this bother them? Nope! They usually turn up in another story, having bought another one to replace the one they lost. Oh… Remember I mentioned crashes at the start? Many of those cars are not insured, so the repair bills I mentioned are out-of-pocket for the owner. They’ll often not bother, and just start go get another one from their garage, or buy another one.

So, back home…

This is a 2016 Maserati Ghibli DV6 Auto (yes, that ‘D’ does mean diesel AND a turbo), base price around £51 k, but you can probably add another £5-£10 k with accessories and options.

While it is not a fire-breathing monster, this 3 litre turbo-diesel will reach 155 mph, and 60 in about 6 seconds… adequate.

Step up to the GranTurismo MC Stradale with its 4.7 litre, 188 mph naturally aspirated (petrol) engine with 4.5 second 62 mph dash (but those start at around £112 k).

Things are getting more complex though, with Maserati teamed with Ferrari (and others) for engines, and using twin-turbos to pass the 550 HP level. As yet, I haven’t spotted any hybrid or electric variants, but with rapid changes taking place, and Ferrari having the LaFerrari, the option has to be somewhere.

Sad to say, Maserati seems to have few fans, and while it represents better value for money at this level of car, reviewers tend to downgrade it, complaining it comes with fewer toys than others, and uses some standard switches from the corporate parts box – yet is always applauded for its performance and handling.

I still quite like them, apart from the signature item of the three vents in the side of the front wing. In some light it’s fine… but in some, it looks ‘wrong’.

But I love the trident up front.

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

I was a little embarrassed here – I don’t like to be in people’s faces when I grab a pic, and was a little surprised to see this car actually had a driver sitting in it, hidden by the reflection on the windscreen, but he seemed to busy with papers/letters, and might not have noticed me as I took the time to get this framed reasonably. Most parked cars are empty, but not this one.

This was near The Barras, I’d probably not leave my car Maserati here either.


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