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Nice ONE for a nice sunny day

Last time I had a legit test drive of a Porsche was not long after the 911 was given water-cooled engines to replace the ageing air-cooled offerings. I remember the squeals from the faithful who saw this (vast improvement) as some sort of betrayal, and vowed never to touch such a heretical device. But the reality was that this was long overdue, and persevering with those air-cooled models may have been very clever, making them work at the performance levels demanded, but was at the end of its practical life, and water cooling was a desperately needed upgrade.

Barring a few early niggles, I can say even those first water-cooled cars were already gems – used to wringing my own ‘ordinary’ car to silly revs and having to “run up and down the ‘box” for full performance, the ‘new’ water-cooled, 6-speed, 911 was immediately impressive. It didn’t really care what gear was in use one it was rolling, and flooring the throttle in any of them started a launch. I deliberately tried this in all of them to see if it would bog down, but it refused.

I’d be interested to feel how other in the family compared nowadays, but that’s not going to happen (unless I con my way into the showroom for a test these days).

A look at the price/performance lists for the various ranges is intriguing. While other car makers seem happy to overlap models as regards this, making buyers chose between a fully loaded cheaper model, or bottom end model from the next range up, Porsche seems to keep each sufficiently separate, so each model tends not to stray into the next, but stay in its one niche.

Caught this ONE waiting for the lights to change, and managed to dig out a camera before it made its escape.

Porsche Cayman S [1 WAT]

Porsche Cayman S 2013


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