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Playing with the Shettleston giraffe

I came across the Shettleston giraffe mural not long after it was painted on the end of an exposed tenement wall following the demolition of an old derelict industrial building exposed it. But I never got around to using any of the pics I took that day.

As well as a straight pic of the mural, I had some additional shots that showed the surrounding area, but the mural is at an angle, so they’re not really suitable for presentation, however…

I thought I’d try using them for a stitched panorama, to make a pic that would be impossible to actually shoot, and it actually came out surprisingly well given it was not planned…

Shettleston Giraffe Pano

Shettleston Giraffe Pano

Compare with the ‘real’ Google view of the same scene…

Google Giraffe View

Google Giraffe View

Notably, the tenements behind the mural wall have ‘vanished’, and while the telephone box and bus stop are really on the same road, in the stitched image the telephone box now lies on a ‘new’ road that runs to the left of the image, while the bus stop appears to lie on another, entirely separate road running to the right.

Moral of the story – never trust a photograph or take it at face value without looking closely for anomalies.

Here’s an unadulterated view of that giraffe…

Shettleston Giraffe

Shettleston Giraffe


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