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Another dodgy shutter mural?

While I’ve spotted some shutter murals with dodgy artwork from the point of view of execution (maybe they were done in the dark, to avoid being ‘lifted’ by Glasgow’s finest), this one might possibly be seen as a little bit suggestive by some.

While we have the obvious services of eye makeup, nails, and presumably the crazy practice of ‘tooth-whitening’ depicted, the artist may have exercised a little too much artistic license with the tooth-whitening view, and instead of using a simple and innocent tooth revealing smile to depict this one, has chosen a view and angle that look more like a still from a porn flick.

Those fingers are now starting to look a bit ‘suggestive’ as well.

Oh dear – I must be spending too much time online.

Beauty by Cheryl Shutter Mural

Beauty by Cheryl Shutter Mural


July 8, 2017 - Posted by | Civilian, photography | ,

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