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For once I was really pleased to see catbutt

I better explain catbutt, as per this previous post.

I first ‘met’ this rather nice white cat some years ago (about three) but never got anywhere near it, and only managed one pic, but did like the way it sat near its ‘My Garden’ sign.

Sad to say, I have never seen in those three years, not even once, and had thought the worst – didn’t stay in ‘My Garden’ and wandered into the road. The street is sometimes something of a ‘Rat Run’ due to the presence of a sometimes slow set of traffic lights on the adjacent main road, and those who use Rat Runs routinely tend not to be the best of drivers.

But last night brought a pleasant surprise, even it was only ‘catbutt’, and even though I decided not to get any closer.

One of the reasons I only ever had one pic was because by the time I said ‘He…’ if I did stop for a pic and a chat, the garden would already be empty. So I decided to cut my losses and get the pic – even if it was the ‘wrong’ end.

I’m just pleased she/he’s still there and in good health.

Maybe I’ll see if I can get as far as ‘Hel…’ next time.

My Garden Cat Revisited

My Garden Cat Revisited



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