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Nikola Tesla tributes

July 10 has become Nikola Tesla Day, which is the least that could be done to remember his genius.

While I dissociate myself from the loonies who disrespect Tesla’s memory by propagating all sorts of conspiracy nonsense about ‘Free energy’, death rays, and suppression of his research, there is little doubt that his approach to the business of his work contributed to the relative anonymity he suffered in his later life, and for many years after his death.

My own education in electrical and electronic engineering was at the highest level, yet the ONLY time Tesla’s name was EVER mentioned was when we studied magnetic fields, and were given the unit of magnetic field strength, measured in the SI unit of the tesla (T).

Just to be complete, by definition:

A particle, carrying a charge of one coulomb, and passing through a magnetic field of one tesla, at a speed of one metre per second, perpendicular to that field, experiences a force with magnitude one newton, according to the Lorentz force law.

I wish I could remember that!

To mark the day, here is a view of the Tesla Memorial Plaque:

Tesla Memorial Plaque

Tesla Memorial Plaque

In 1934, a settlement was reached with Westinghouse Corporation to provide Tesla with a consulting rate of $125.00 per month and an apartment, which the company would pay for, in recognition of the work he had done for it in the past. By then, Tesla had effectively lost everything. Upon signing the agreement, he moved to the Hotel New Yorker where he would spend his remaining years.

I also chanced upon a version of this art for a stained glass window tribute to Tesla, and managed to track down this original online, and was pleased to see the creator was happy for it to be circulated with credit – Tesla: The Electric Jesus by merrypranxter

Incidentally, that’s NOT a grey dove, but a nod to his last days, which he spent feeding the pigeons in the park near his apartment.

Tesla Window Art

Tesla Window Art

Respect Tesla.

Spread the story of his real life’s work.

Please STOP promoting the loony fringe claims and modern day nutjobs riding on his back.

Stunning Tesla Statue

Although I have no details (yet) I was amazed to come across the pic below, while randomly rummaging around the huge imgur site. While you can make some great finds there, they generally come with little information, and few credits, so, until I do some research, I don’t know much about this one.

Suffice to say however, that he is seen with a pigeon: – and it’s hard not to make the T-1000 ‘Terminator’ comparison:

Nikola Tesla T-1000 and Pigeon Statue

Nikola Tesla T-1000 and Pigeon Statue


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