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Seldom seen sculpture hidden in back street – clue 3

Following on from Monday’s first clue to the location of a sculpture and its building

And yesterday’s second clue

Today’s offering is a more obvious clue, and is mounting high on the building.

It may not face the city centre either, but at least is side-on, so is, at least, not totally hidden.

As a further hint, I’d say it’s a shame that a building created in the 1970s, and a pretty good-looking one at that (to me at least) is already an abandoned derelict considered ‘At Risk’ barely 40 years later, well, I’d say we’re doing something wrong.

It’s rather like St Peter’s Seminary, but at least we know the various reasons which led to that failure.

Today’s clue…

Oddly, very much like yesterday’s, only different…

Glasgow Big X 2

Glasgow Big X 2

No more clues – remaining details would give it away since they would include words!

Reveal will be the day after tomorrow, on Friday.


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