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You don’t see many of these nowadays

I had to look twice at this recent find near Parkhead.

First, simply because it was a Ford Capri Injection (in this case from 1987), and now pretty rare since there was hardly a huge amount of these to begin with.

And second, because it looked really clean and shiny. While I didn’t get up close and personal, looking at the panel edges and seams didn’t show any obvious evidence of rot, not does it look like a respray, so I’m guessing this has been well looked after over the years.

While I never really got my hands on a Capri (and was driving a Sierra which actually rolled off the production line at the same time as this one), I did manage to get assigned ‘transport duties’ for the boss’s (or boss’s wife’s) black 2 litre version.

I have to be honest and say I wasn’t impressed and couldn’t understand its popularity – unless this was based on looks only.

I like (and own) low 2-seat coupés, there’s a 50-inch ‘tall’ one in my drive, but getting inside that 2 litre Capri was just… weird.

In my own car, controls fall to hand.

In the Capri, the gear lever seemed to lie somewhere down a hole in the floor, in a non-intuitive place; the steering wheel seemed to be too high (or something odd); and the instruments were just buried too far down their nacelles in the dash; I hate add  this too, but the pedal position was not intuitive either – I only have size 10 feet, yet there seemed to be no ‘wiggle room’ down there.

My job was just to ferry the car – I really wouldn’t have liked to have needed to ‘hustle’ it along.

I’m not slating it, merely noting that despite liking it from the ‘looks’ point of view, it really just didn’t ‘fit’ me.

And that’s a very personal aspect.

Since my own car fitted perfectly from the very first time I sat in it.

(And, my apologies, but you’ll just have to guess as I give no personal stuff online – this is not Facecrook.)

Ford Capri Injection 1987 [D422 DLE]

Ford Capri Injection 1987


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