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Given the cost of a Ferrari, and if you’re at all familiar with owning one, you’ll understand I really mean the cost of running one, then a six or twelve volt kid’s option makes more sense… LOTS more.

I’ve known a few folks who saved their pennies and bought a Ferrari, and some (who did not have bottomless pockets) were almost ruined by the annual running and servicing costs. They can be horrendous if you clock up appreciable miles.

And DON’T break it!

One of them missed a gear change, and the bill (this one was about 20 years back) was a crippling £30 k just to repair the gearbox.

And Ferrari apparently does not suffer fools gladly either, as they were not interested in his efforts to get any of the costs covered by warranty, or even insurance. He had to choose between coughing up the cash and having the repairs carried out, or selling his nearly new car as ‘damaged/repairable’ at a significant loss. Who wants to buy an expensive car that comes with a £30 k bill before it can even be driven, and might have more damage?

This one I spotted not too far from home (must have missed it on past walks) seems to make a lot more sense, even if it does come in need of repair – the front end seems to be missing.

It’s kind of hard to tell what it’s modelled after, given the missing front, and the rounded lights plus lack of any bonnet detail seem to suggest it’s an older type, no longer lodged in my rapidly diminishing memory. Recent models have lights with corners thanks to slimming down and using LEDs, and have a variety of bonnet scoops and intakes now.

The rear light would probably have given the needed clues, but a raid over a very locked gate and tall hedge seemed a bit excessive.

Ferrari for Kids

Ferrari for Kids

While the styling may be forgivable to make it cheap and easy to make…

The real SIN revealed by that lack of front bodywork is not.

The directional tyres have been mounted backwards!

There is just NO excuse. None.


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