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Sad to say Glasgow has a problem, and the media have noticed

One of the more light-hearted themes I sometimes run in this Blog is ‘Missed me’, which generally features accident, or similar, sites I come across as I change the routes I walk. As I return to each route after a few weeks, it’s usually obvious that there’s been a crash or some sort of traumatic event where I would have been had I been on the ‘old’ route. At least two I can recall recently involved shots fired at houses, but at least most of those occurred at times when I’d have been nowhere near the scene even if had been on those routes.

But I also keep a list of incidents bookmarked if they happen on any of my routes, in case I’m stuck for something to write about. Thankfully, more normal items of interest keep that list unused, but in recent weeks it has become apparent that there’s been a real surge in violent incidents, and quite a number of stabbings.

Two recent events were close – too close! You’ll regularly find me in them, and at the times given.

And not even at dark’o’clock or in isolated places, but during the day in public places:

Man is stabbed in face at Cambuslang train station

Man stabbed in Glasgow’s Tollcross Park

Some might think something is going on.

Some do!

Apart from one or two people I worked with, I’ve never really knowingly been close to anyone from Glasgow’s underworld or organised criminal side. Although I’ve also come to realise (as a result of digging around for goodies for SeSco) that I’ve been a lot closer to them than I might have imagined.

But it’s not something I have any interest in, and deliberately steer clear of.

The media can take their chances with that, they at least get paid to do that.

It’s rather sad that we seem to be going back to Glasgow being a city that can generate headlines such as this, as seen in The Observer section of The Guardian:

Glasgow’s dark legacy returns as gangland feuds erupt in public killings

It’s s shame that we’ve come so far in improving the city over a number of years, only to be dragged back into the gutter in a matter of weeks.

It’s dangerous out there… Take this:

Police Support Unit

Police Support Unit

Inspired by:

Take This

Take This


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