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The ‘Tidies’ have been to Baillieston

Our little industrial estate used to get a little overgrown, until…

Folk got fed up with the local using the jungle as cover to make it easy to sneak up to cars and break into them without being noticed, and then sneak away with the goodies afterwards. They started making revolution and protest noises to the landlord, and we eventually got regular visits from gardeners to keep the growth down.

Although the original idea had to been to make the place look nice, the bushes (and eventually trees) that bordered the parking bays on the units really did hide anything that was happening, and we had at least two visitors find their cars broken into after being with us for a few hours. Funniest was one guy up from London – they couldn’t actually get his radio out of the dash, and he was almost pleased… it had stopped working months prior to this attack, but when he turned the switch found it was working perfectly.

Abandoned but not derelict, the former Airdrie Savings Bank in Baillieston had a decorative patch of greenery in front of its Main Street façade. However, this has gone wild since the bank was closed a few years ago, and it’s recently become a dump too, either having rubbish thrown in by nice people as they pass, or perhaps just acting as a rubbish catcher as the wind blows litter around the street. Smell suggests it was also seen as a handy toilet by some.

Thanks to Google, we can see how it looked:

Baillieston Main Street Bank Garden

Baillieston Main Street Bank Garden

Thanks to me, we can see how it looked last night:

Baillieston Main Street Bank Garden Cleared

Baillieston Main Street Bank Garden Cleared

Diversion signs each time too.

Wonder if it will turn into a piece of block paving?

Exciting, isn’t it?


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