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Van-Lee Transport gates (noticed at last)

I find myself frequently complaining about the lack of ‘old goodies’ surviving around Glasgow nowadays.

It’s not a new complaint, and it’s one I can actually date to starting to make before 2000.

Back in the days of Ye Olde Film Camera I had the bright idea of driving into Glasgow on Sundays (that far back, Sunday was still relatively quiet as the ending of restricted Sunday trading was still to become the norm), but it proved to be less successful than I had expected.

It was probably triggered by the elimination of most of the surviving artefact from the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival, which I had been collecting the odd pic of as they were gradually lost. When they had gone, I started looking elsewhere for interesting remains.

But it was really too late, and after only four Sunday trips, I really couldn’t find anything sizeable or notable around the city centre, or its less well-known corners, to photograph.

That’s not to say there nothing, just that what remained was generally well-known and relatively easy to find in existing collections or records.

Since then, it’s gradually become harder and harder to find something unusual, especially after nonsense such as the 2014 Commonwealth Shames saw the council and other interested parties razing any sort of remains or featured that were considered ‘untidy’.

I’ve become so disillusioned by this sanitizing and purification of the view to make Glasgow appear to be modern, clean, and tidy, that I miss many items of interest simply because I’ve reached the stage of no longer expecting to find any.

Case in point – the gates seen in the pic below.

Van-Lee Transport Gates

Van-Lee Transport Gates

I’ve probably walked past these particular gates hundreds of times now, yet failed to ‘see’ them.

They’re not particularly noteworthy or even noticeable, and might not even be that old, in historic terms, and it’s a shame about the vandalism, and the permanently present wheelie-bins in front of them.

Their style is not modern, so they could be decades old, but…

I think Van-Lee Transport is still alive, and have been able to find pics of their lorries taken a few years ago (although none are recent), but while I can usually research companies and find records, couldn’t do the same to confirm this one.

However, pics of their lorries carry the same livery as the gates, so it looks as if they have never caught the disease that afflicts many, and ‘modernised’ just because some adviser has told them to.


Now I wonder how many ‘interesting’ features I might just be walking past these days, and missing simply because I am so used to seeing them they have effectively become invisible.


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