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Site news – outage 28 July 2017

Big SeSco S

Nice start to the morning – a message that I have exceeded the disk space on my web host.

Ridiculous of course, I keep it at around 50% by design and cull anything that might be taking it over that.

I’ve raised an issue with the techs, and see what they come up with.

As far as I can see, I have gained a 400+ MB file that is not of my making, and it’s too big for me to easily handle via my (now) rather slow and archaic broadband connection.

No, I haven’t been doing anything new, so I know it’s not mine, so guess it’s a REAL problem, or something existing has had a slight nervous breakdown.


Maybe it’s another quirk of the server migration that put us offline at the start of the month.


Apparently it’s a legit error file that’s not limited in size or entries.

Unfortunately, although it’s full of error reports, well, just five – but the last one has just been repeated thousands of times, all it seem to record is the error, and nothing about the source.

Hope all I need to do is deal with the item mentioned in the error report, which is a PHP error so not actually down to me, but there’s no obvious reason for to have appeared as I have not altered anything recently. It may be a change in PHP that has become active on the host.



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