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MCM Comic Con 23-24 September 2017 at the SEC



I usually don’t spot these things until about 10 minutes after the doors close – so this makes a nice change.

I have to confess to missing the old style Science Fiction Conventions we used to enjoy in the Central Hotel.

Circumstances forced me to give up attending for some time, and when I did eventually get back (in my opinion) found that much of the content had evaporated as video and online (early days of the Internet) meant that many of the streams were no longer present.

But nothing stays constant.

I’d probably be running to Comic Con if I was as interested in the material as I was in the Science Fiction days, and from the photo albums I see from the other meetings around the world, the cosplay is impressive, with some participants putting in WAY too much effort – but why not?

One of the nice things about Comic Con seems to be the reasonable cost of entry, at best £24 for the weekend. I don’t think that too far off what I was paying many years ago for full attendance at out local cons, and much less than many other attractions nowadays. I often look   at shows and displays I used to attend regularly, and to use the common expression, the prices make my eyes water.

I won’t be specific, but many events (involving Classic Cars) I used to attend religiously almost every weekend during summer were £5 or so, yet in the past years of low inflation have seen their gate prices double and more. Granted there are some reasons arising from legislation and liability (and a number of events have just folded as they say they cannot raise the money), but it all seems disproportionate.

In some ways, I’m kind of glad I don’t have to worry about attending.

But best of luck to those who do.

See the following for full details of Comic Con at the SEC:

MCM Comic Con 23-24 September 2017 at the SEC


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