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Just too late, always just too late

I never seem to quite pre-empt anything interesting, and failed (or should that be succeeded) again today.

Walking along the road beside Budhill Park, an odd noise made me turn round and look into the park.

I’m not sure what the noise was, but there was a white car on the park’s running track, with two males exiting and heading for a guy with a dog.

I was way too far away to hear anything, and the dog-walker wasn’t running away or arguing, but the guys from the car pulled some sort of photo-id (those irritating cards some seem to have permanently hanging around their necks) out and presented it to him.

Nothing happened, as could have been the case if there had been a confrontation or similar.

So, I’m none the wiser, the dog-walker walked on, and the two guys got back in the car and left.

From the distance, the id presented looked all white, so I don’t think they were police (last id I saw was coloured, not plain), but that doesn’t man they weren’t.

Maybe it was the ‘Poop Patrol’, after dog and owner had been ‘naughty’.

Oh well, maybe next time I’ll be closer – and not just get left with… curiosity.

Budhill Park Car

Budhill Park Car


August 1, 2017 - Posted by | Civilian, photography, Transport |

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