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Billy Connolly Dixon Street mural – Vettriano original (almost)

Although I’d read about the originals of the murals made to Celebrate Sir Billy Connolly’s 75th being exhibited, with my memory any clue as to where they were going soon evaporated.

So it was a nice surprise to trip over one of them, the one by Jack Vettriano, as I wandered through Kelvingrove recently.

Only thing was… I was wrong, and it seems the original in question is actually in the People’s Palace, and this is only a study, per the label:

Vettriano Study Label

Vettriano Study Label

We can still compare the little yin to the big yin…

Vettriano Mural Original

Vettriano Mural Original Study


Billy Connolly Mural Dixon Street

Dixon Street

There’s an irritating shadow cast along the top edge of the study, but the real problem with reproducing this image lies in the very ‘warm’ lighting used in Kelvingrove. Not visible to the eye, it produces a very warm image.

While I corrected for this, and it looks fine seen on its own, I think it still looks a little too ‘warm’ when seen in close proximity to the larger mural, obviously shot out of doors and under natural light.

It’s a while since I made it into the People’s Palace, so this means I’ll have to wander along there sometime soon, to get a look at the real original.


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  1. Dixon Street- named after my direct ancestors!


    Comment by Candia | September 3, 2017

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