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The secret inside hoMEOWner

In what I now think of as ‘The Good Old Days’ I used to have a certain degree of responsibility for a small office we ran in Aberdeen, which meant the occasional drive up there to make sure the staff were following procedures.

With a trip time of 2-3 hours depending on what sort of loonies might be encountered on the early morning roads, I generally timed this run so as to arrive at Aberdeen beach in time for The Inversnecky café to be open, and the cooker to be nicely warmed up so I could enjoy a nice cooked breakfast before falling in the office door.

I spotted the words of wisdom seen below in a big photo-sharing site, and recognised not only the name, but the pavement and road – these being the same ones found on the beach road in front of The Inversnecky.

The sandwich board didn’t exist in the days when I was visiting, but seems to have become a regular feature and can be found elsewhere – but this cat-themed one is (obviously) going to be the one I mention

Inversencky Inversnecky Homeowner MeowMeow

Inversnecky Homeowner Meow


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This plate could be a legal emergency

This is (yet) another of those pics I could (should?) have a number of versions of in my collection – had I been a little more awake as I wandered around in my usual daze.

From memory, it’s been seen on a number of vehicles over the years, but with my memory, there isn’t even going to be an attempt to name any. Suffice to say I’ve seen it so often I almost don’t notice it now.

This one looks a LOT newer, but is apparently a 2010 Lexus RX 450H Se-I CV. That said, current models are actually strikingly different in front appearance, and sport the more recent corporate theme of a full height grille.

Lexus RX 450H

Lexus RX 450H

But the real interest here is the cute little graphic embedded in the left of the plate:

999 LAW graphic

999 LAW graphic

Some say… look across the road, top left in the first pic, for a clue.

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