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Recalling the mural trail

I’d forgotten about a number of larger mural I happened to collect some time ago, and was diverted from before I had a chance to post them.

As the so-called ‘Mural Trail’ has become popular since I came across them, it seems a pity not to use those earlier pics, so I’ll be trawling the collection for those I’ve missed so far.

If I can get back into the city centre I might try to remember to visit some of the more obscure and hidden smaller murals that were added, as they can’t be seen so easily, or viewed directly (being narrow lanes). I rather like playing with perspective correction and like to see these as they would appear if they could be viewed by stepping back and taking a ‘proper’ look – impossible in the real world unless you can walk through walls and see through them.

No such problem with the large ones – they usually just need a little tweak to correct for converging verticals.

George Street Navigation Mural

George Street Navigation Mural

I’d completely forgotten about this one, only visible as you approach Glasgow along George Street from the east, just past the junction with High Street.

I had to dig a little to find out what it was based on, and it’s a bit of history:

Said to be inspired by a 1913 photograph, it tells the story of the Land-Ship, a mock navigation bridge built on the roof of the School of Navigation in the Royal College. That is now part of the University of Strathclyde, and the college building can be found a just along the road.

The Land-Ship was a revolving platform with carried a Kelvin compass mounted on top, and was used to teach students the principles of compass adjustment.


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