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There was a 10 k run for men (I forgot)

Well this is irritating, or maybe embarrassing.

I fell ‘Under the Weather’ a while back, and forgot about quite a few interesting pics I’d collected. While most are not time relevant, it seems this one was. Unfortunately, it seems I accumulated quite a few such things, and will have to dig them up and post them.

There seem to be a growing number of adverts being painted onto our pavements, hopefully a vile practice that will not grow, or if it does, will be crushed by officialdom before it becomes excessive. The only good point I see at the moment is that they are generally placed by official organisations, which can be held responsible, and are created using water-based paints with short lives.

If the same scum that spams the web decides this is a good idea (and I already see activist groups with their own questionable agendas are using the method) then we may see not only every wall, pole, lamppost, or similar have illegal fly-posted adverts slapped on them, but also the ground we walk on, and not with degradable paints either.

And the council does little to clear the existing abuse, so I doubt the culprits would have much to fear.

I may be late, and forget where I tripped over this one, such is the amount of time which has passed (well, somewhere around Parkhead or Tollcross), and don’t even remember seeing it mentioned in the news.

Hopefully NOT one of many, or of more to come. (The advert, not the run!)

Pavement Ad Painted 10k Men's Run

Pavement Ad Painted 10k Men’s Run

Maybe all this needs is a few complaints, and this might suffer the same fate as the poor chap who tried to find a girlfriend by throwing a few ‘Messages in a Bottle’ into the sea – and ended up with grumpy locals reporting him for, would you believe… LITTERING!


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