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A little special mention and thanks to Fishers Cooperage near Parkhead

This is another of those ‘forgotten’ pics, although this is a more recent update of the original.

I’m not even going to complain about the missing apostrophe in the company’s name or giant building signs.

I had intended to post a pic and story a few years back, but just as I finally made the effort – the place closed!

From personal experience, despite expectations, I know this country’s whisky industry is forever suffering some sort of hiatus or another, but thought that maintaining the barrels the stuff was aged and matured in was fairly safe. But there it was, apparently closed up and shuttered with no activity even after a few weeks had passed – I had wondered if they just shut down for holidays. Unlikely, but not impossible with the traditional Glasgow Fair Fortnight.

But it didn’t re-open, at least not after a few weeks, and I had assumed it was gone for good.

However, after an extended period, it did re-open, and seems to be as busy as ever.

So, why do I mention it (and even say ‘Thanks’)?

I happen to like the smell of whisky, and this place refurbishes whisky barrels.

And that means taking them apart, heating them, and reassembling them – a process that released any trapped aromas and allows them to waft in the same street I walk along when I pass the place.

I do wonder about the job security of the drivers that collect and deliver the barrels, and what sort of breath alcohol level they might blow if ever stopped by the police. But it wouldn’t last, and the second test in the station would, of course, be zero.

But for any fans of the golden nectar, it’s a pleasure just to wander past this place, especially on a warm summer day, with a gentle breeze blowing the aroma out of the big door and into the street.

It makes just the right air mix for the trace aromatics, and is better than the bottling plants I used to spend many hours in – the scent there was just too strong and the vapours from the exposed full strength spirit quickly numbed most of your sense of smell, and it wasn’t long before the smell was ‘gone’. It only became noticeable again if you stepped outside for while, then went back into the plant, when it hit you again.

Fishers Cooperage

Fishers Cooperage

Never forget – apostrophes save lives!

Some say the apostrophe isn’t important, and while I might not have any kids inside the modern education system, I’m given to understand a number of teachers may think it is ‘kewl’ to ignore things such as grammar and spelling. I agree, to an extent, but that does not mean just forgetting about such things altogether, as the more extreme trendies might.

Case in point, as illustrated below, when yer granny might suffer an even worse fate (familial cannibalism) than being shoved aff a Glesca bus!

Lets Eat Grandma

Lets Eat Grandma

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