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All is fair in love and war – goodbye mouse

Although I have noted that Glasgow City Council would probably not acknowledge the presence of vermin (mice and rats) in the east end, there are still council bait traps lying around from the time they laid rat-size version in the streets, and businesses still seem to be paying to have them laid around their premises by commercial pest-control companies.

A few years ago I felt as if I was feeding the population, rather than killing any of it off, given the amount of bait I was putting down around my doors, only to have it disappear overnight, and I was STILL getting little unwanted visitors. Eventually I had to enforce a strict ‘closed doors at all times’ policy, and clear away every bit of shrubbery, grass, and plants that came anywhere near my doors to get rid of them.

I’ve managed to keep them out for some years, confirmed by a combination of untouched bait and untripped traps – until recently.

First problem was ‘noises in the night’ – traced to a hall cupboard which had some gaps around pipework. Although I identified this as possible entry point years ago, had never seen any real evidence, but the noises indicated they were there, and I had to stuff the gaps.

Last week I heard the noise again, this time in the kitchen from behind a cupboard.

I put down some special ‘safe’ bait on the expected run, but was surprised and disappointed to see it lay untouched – it normally draws them in quite quickly, and they ‘disappear’.

Yesterday, I learned why the bait had remained untouched.

My unwanted visitor had found its way to the cupboard where I’d sealed the access and laid traps – and found one.

RIP little mouse – you really should have stayed outside.

Mouse In Trap

Mouse In Trap

On a completely different theme…

Damn! Modern camera flash is good.

That’s just the pop-up flash on the dSLR lighting that, without even the usual diffuser I add when I have to use it (only in pitch-dark these days, as the camera sensor is so fast).

I used to hate use flash, any flash, in the past as the colour balance was always horrible, and it could be tough balancing the illumination to avoid hot spots.


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  1. And a nice vintage ‘industrial’ iron-clad fused switch,,


    Comment by Tony | September 13, 2017

  2. Just one of the joys of having a not actually that old house.


    Comment by Apollo | September 13, 2017

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