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(Probably) Glasgow’s oldest pub no longer at risk of demolition

There was a bit of panic raised back in February when plans for the development of new student accommodation on High Street looked likely to lead the loss of (probably) Glasgow’s oldest pub.

I only say (probably) to avoid arguments with those who may believe otherwise, not because I have a problem with the claim.

It’s always difficult to make a non-emotional decision about such things, since I know from past experience it’s easy to complain about such losses based on feelings from the heart, rather than the head. While it can be easy to call foul on such things, this can ignore the age and state of an old building, especially if can’t justify the spend of ridiculous amounts of money to save it.

One need look no further than the unfortunate event of the fire at the Glasgow School of Art a few years back – I doubt many will be considering not restoring the losses purely on consideration of cost.

That said, an old, unlisted building like a pub could be in trouble – IF it wasn’t popular.

However, it seems that it will have to be largely replace in order to survive:

“However we will take the interior out carefully and create a snug which will give the locals a perfect replica of the bar as a refreshed version that will allow it to continue with its long running license.

Our amended plans aim to retain as much of the character and charm of the existing pub but to put it on a footing that’s appropriate for today to safeguard its future, hopefully for the next century.”

One of Scotland’s oldest pubs saved from demolition

Old College Bar High Street

Old College Bar High Street


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