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Sneaky sneaky mousey mousey oopsie oopsie

Even though my working life has included periods involving the preparation of procedures, and auditing systems to avoid the effects of systematic errors and complacency (say from routine and familiarity) leading to errors, it’s still surprisingly easy to get caught out be not following out even simple tasks fully, or to the letter.

After last week’s successful catch and trap of an invading mouse, the low level of evidence of its presence, and zero disturbance of any bait stations laid to reveal any activity meant I stepped down the level of attention being paid (truth be told it was rather low anyway, since I was a tad unwell and in bed most of the time).


While I had glanced at the two other traps lying close to the first mentioned above, and they had appeared to be empty, a second look this morning (while trying to track down the source of another pest) showed I had been complacent and careless. In this case, while there was no overwhelming smell, my nose was telling me something was not ‘right’ and the cupboard demanded a closer look.

While the day had started as unsuccessful insect hunt, it ended with a successful mouse hunt.

I had thought having three traps was excessive, but in this case all three did their job.

In fact, the two traps I had previously casually observed as not being triggered had been tripped BEFORE the one I mentioned earlier, but one was partially hidden and the corpse ‘end’ was out of sight, while the other one completely hidden. In both cases I made the mistake of seeing the non-trap end was clear, and assumed from this partial evidence that they had not been touched.

Once again, making assumptions or not checking evidence fully makes one an ASS and a FOOL.

Here are the little swines. While one (giant) was still presentable, I thought I’d leave the cover that was concealing the other in place, it had been there a bit longer, and was probably the first to be trapped.

I’m hoping the lack of any little unexplained noises and untouched bait (and lack of droppings trails) means this attack was limited to the three I caught – but the traps will be going back down.

Mousey Mousey

Mousey Mousey


Oh dear… Oopsie time again.

Better up that count of three traps, given above, to FOUR! (Seems I forgot about one).

Recall I mentioned my day was really about tracing a possible INSECT problem when I started, then got diverted by discovering those pesky meeces.

They were in the wrong place to be related to my intended search, and once dealt with, left me free to get back on track.

Long story short… having once found a mummified cat, I can now add finding a mummified mouse to the list.

I’ll spare you the pic this time (it’s actually quite funny, but shows some other… less than amusing sights).

I’m quite pleased (in relative terms) as I’m pretty sure this second find of the day explains my sudden insect problem of a few days ago, and I reckon I’m also pretty lucky our Scottish weather only got warm for a day or so, meaning that only a few ‘woke up’ and finished their breeding cycle. If not, I think I just might have had a major problem.

I’ve scraped, brushed, swept, and vaccuumed up all the evidence and ‘sleepers’, even cutting out a section of carpet lest anything was hiding in it, and buried the lot.

It’s funny how a change of habit can have long-term implications – after having had to work with a ‘Tidy Freak’ for a few years, even I found it was a good idea to implement a ‘Clear Floor Policy’ (meaning nothing stays on the floor unless it genuinely belongs there), which makes it easy to keep clean. But this particular corner ended up being unused, and less accessible, even if kept mostly clear.

But there wasn’t a direct eyeline to it. I couldn’t see it all with just a glance.

I guess I threw one of those traps down there ‘Just in Case’, then forgot about it.

Well, at least I found it… eventually… and at least it had done its job.

I just didn’t find it quick enough.

ANOTHER free lesson learnt!


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17 WC – A shameful fate

I spotted 17 WC while wandering along Alexandra Parade towards the city, and it was a sad sight to see.

I’m not referring to its presence on a little Suziki (I’m sure that those who use such language would consider this to be ‘kewl’), rather the shame and embarrassment this cherished registration must be feeling after being attached to an advertisement.

If anyone renting or leasing from the business concerned thinks they are paying too much…

17 WC could be put to much better and fun use, perhaps by a plumber. (I haven’t got around to putting together my pics of “Connie’s” yet, but one of their installations would be ideal for this one. I’ll have to get to these pics soon).

Reading online reviews (if they are to be believed) would suggest that plumbers would be well able to afford this one.

I got a bonus with this pic, when I was checking the location on Google Earth/Maps.

I like to mock the rules that blackmail Google (and of course all the other providers) to blur things like registrations and faces.

This is to avoid those cheating on their spouses, or visiting sex shops, from being identified (and blackmailed instead of Google).

In this case, I get to show my pic matched with the Google pic, and showing the registration they were obliged to hide.

Suzuki [17 WC]

Suzuki [17 WC]

And, as spotted on Google:

Google Earth Suzuki

Google Earth Suzuki

Intriguingly, I happened to glance at the view down this street from the Parade. It’s different, and doesn’t show this one.

To be more accurate, the dates of the imagery change at this point, and this just comes into view with last east glance down the street.

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