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I’m a patient man, but…

But even bountiful patience has its limits.

As one who has been said to be too patient, the end of this week is seeing my ‘Patience Pot’ heading towards ‘Empty’.

It’s almost as if the animal world decided to take advantage of me being a tad ‘under the weather’ for most of this week, and largely stuck in bed.

As noted in previous posts, I’ve had to deal with a mouse that turned into mice.

Then there was the added bonus of an unknown insect invasion that could have turned nasty had it been warmer, but I caught.

Unrelated, but today started badly as I found the supposedly leakproof batteries inside an electricity monitor had decided to dribble liquid inside the casing, meaning I had to deal with it immediately before it hit the electronics, and was followed minutes later by a fancy double-wall insulated drinking glass sliding off the fridge shelf where its kept filled with chilled water – of course, the weight of water in it meant it smashed rather than bounced when it reached the floor, so I had a load of thin broken glass to clear up immediately


The snails/slugs appear to be back!

Coincidentally, I was just discussing this one with my neighbour recently, and found it amusing that we both picked the ones with shells on their backs off our (outside) walls and launched into the road – for passing cars to deal with.

But there’s the slimy creeping ones that are real pests, able to slip through any gap and come inside the house – I once saw one appear through nothing more than the gap between two floorboards.

They appear to be immune to poison, and just slide over on their trail of snail snot.

I’ve even stood on them in the dark (and that’s NOT NICE in socks).

But tonight was the LAST STRAW – as I found one wandering on a kitchen table.

I’d declare war on them, but having done so already, and found there seems to be no poison (I can use safely, as their entry point only seems to be the kitchen) that affects them, and no sort of physical barrier that bothers them. They can slime up and over anything – even copper strips that are supposed to put them off don’t seem to deter this lot, or they will squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.

Damned Snail

Damned Snail

I think I need a levitating table – no legs, so they can’t slime their way up to the table op!

I should have stayed in bed for another day – all the above was only one day, the first up and about after being confined to bed for a week.

It’s past midnight on Friday, making it Saturday – maybe I should just stay in bed again.


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