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An actual cost-saving repair

Not seen often, but I guess this street lighting repair cost less than digging up the old lighting pole, buying a new one, and setting it in the pavement.

I’m not sure how strong or long-lasting those metal straps are – I’d have used three myself.

As it is, the failure of one (or even slackening as the concrete of that old pole erodes) will leave all the load on just one, while the addition of a third would considerably reduce loading and increase life, and be safer should one strap fail or work loose.

But that’s just me – always over-engineering.

Spotted somewhere in Greenfield.

Economising Light Repair

Economising Light Repair

I suspect the old concrete lampposts may be due for renewal or replacement – there have been some reports of their failure in the media, and a closer look at them shows the concrete is failing, revealing the steel reinforcement inside – and that exposed metal can corrode and expand, leading to further accelerated failure of the structure.

It may be coincidence, and a rogue item, but it’s only a few weeks since the upper part of a lamppost in Glasgow failed, and unfortunately struck a van passing below.

It will be a bit of a shame when they are replaced, I rather like the appearance of concrete lampposts, and we won’t see them made again.


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