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I stopped laughing (or crying) so you could start, at this attempt to make a pic

I really thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but then realised a news service (which shall remain nameless so I don’t get sued or something) must have given the newest minimum-wage intern, or work-experience student, or whatever they are called these days, the job of making a pic of a VW Scirocco that was apparently set on fire, or maybe even petrol-bombed, or something…

What they got was a pic of the street concerned with a random VW Scirocco pasted on top, with no attempt to match perspective or… anything! Looks more like a crash. It’s not even on the correct side of the road, but would be facing oncoming traffic.

Seriously, please try not to laugh too hard at this – I’d hate to be the cause of your first hernia, or maybe aggravating an old one.

Scirocco Over Google

Scirocco Over Google


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Good morning Mr Mouse – Goodbye Mr Mouse

Since I’ve never been able to find the ‘MICE WELCOME HERE’ sign that they’ve nailed somewhere to my house, it looks as if I’m going to have to get used my new job as Unpaid Gravedigger.

Since I hadn’t seen my traps (installed indoors) for so long, they were all fairly mucky, not from the attention of mice (since they only caught their first mice recently, but had been down for years – I’ve even discovered a fifth), but from insects and spider’s crawling over them.

I gave them all a bit of a wash and brush up, then left them to dry in a sort of outhouse at my back door.

Notably unbaited, but set, just to make sure they dried thoroughly, I unexpectedly came face to face with my enemy this morning – staring back at me, and almost hidden under my drying umbrella (of course it’s drying – this IS Scotland!)*

This is no real surprise, I was sure they liked to run around here freely, as I found one that had just dropped dead some years ago, and gave up leaving bait as I was going through buckets of the stuff, and it doesn’t come for free.

But now I know I can’t leave my back door open, so maybe I should just leave these traps here (baited) as a first line deterrent.

  • Scottish umbrellas operate in binary – they’re either getting wet, or getting dry, with no intermediate state possible.

Quantum physics also applies if they’re in a box (while Schroedinger’s Cat is out chasing mice) and their state is indeterminate until you look at them, and fix their state.

Mouse Surprise

Mouse Surprise


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Saltmarket ‘Pop Up Bar’

I’m not a great fan of giving silly or trendy names to things that don’t need them, just to make some sort of (pointless) point.

One such thing – in my opinion – is the supposed phenomenon of the ‘Pop Up’ shop or business.

I’m guessing that if you go looking with your hand out for money then you have a better chance of getting it if you claim to be setting up a ‘Pop Up’ business rather than simply stating you want to start a business that’s going to close not long after it opens. Few investors are likely to be impressed by THAT forecast.

But there might be some that don’t cost much, will be successful for a short, or very short period, and not cost much to start.

Such as this little ‘Pop Up’ bar I spotted inside a telephone box in Glasgow’s Saltmarket.

It was never going to last.

(Hint: NO Buckfast!)

Telephone Box Bar

Telephone Box Bar

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