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Almost a sneaky escape

At least I had the right camera to hand (quick, doesn’t need to be switched on) so I was able to thwart this cat’s effort to get out of sight before I could grab a pic as it made the mistake of walking rather than running out of the scene.

Maybe it did not recognise me, or hadn’t seen any of the local ‘Cat Bulletins’ telling them who do avoid.

Still, it was too far away and too close to cover for me to zoom in, so I had to make to with a long shot – but I got it.

Not really too hard to spot in the original, I pulled a closer crop just to make sure.

Black Cat Almost Escapes

Black Cat Almost Escapes

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How many cyborgs does it take to change a lightbulb?

I had to include this, it’s just so impressive for many reasons.

As someone who has been involved in various disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering (which inevitably means mechanical too) since childhood (and was hooked by early 20th century books on the subject), then ended up in programmable controls and computing, I saw the early versions, or attempts, at replacement limbs dating from the second half of the 20th century.

Sad to say, most were useless. There were not the batteries, motors, amplifiers, servos, controllers, computers, processors, software, or even material to make them work in reality. Any that looked as if they worked were  usually just concepts or mock-ups, probably being worked remotely by someone hidden out of sight. That said, ‘useless’ is perhaps unfair, as they were steps on the road towards something better.

Fast forward to today, and we can see that thanks to miniaturisation, computers, sensors, tiny high torque motors, tiny high power batteries, the ability to load up complex software and signal processing routines, etc, etc, we can produce practical prosthetic limbs that work in reality.

It’s not really that long ago since a working hand with four fingers and a thumb would have needed a box of hardware to run it, and lasted for minutes before the batteries went flat.

The idea of it being able to grip a glass lightbulb securely enough to turn, without breaking it too, would have been almost a miracle.

And as for being small enough to occupy the same space as a missing female (smaller than male) forearm?

Better just not ask.

However, just look at this… (I’m almost tempted to use the quote“Pay no attention to than man behind the curtain“).

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