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Success – not always a good thing, but…

If you’ve been looking in here for a while, you may have noticed I (or perhaps the east end of Glasgow) have an ever-so-slight… mouse problem!

I still this is something that has peaked in recent years – the back door used to be left open during waking hours, and we never saw (or saw evidence of) the presence of a single mouse inside the house.


Well, as seen in past posts in this Blog, a search for ‘mouse’ will not fail to find something, and that doesn’t even include the time when I didn’t post as I was still innocently unaware I was running Mouse Hotel.

This year’s invasion was kind of irritating. I had organised a tall board to block the lower half of the door – but that depended on remembering it EVERY time. I only forgot to go back and replace it a few times OK I fell asleep rather than forgot), but that was enough to render it pointless.

The back door stays shut now, and I have no-manmouse’s land declared in a sort of outhouse area the back door opens into.

I moved the traps out of the house and into no-mouse’s land, they’re not even baited, but the number of catches suggest my thought that when I used to put bait down, all I was doing was attracting and feeding them, seems to be true.

Yet another one.

No wonder I was being invaded when I left the door open, bearing in mind the trapped examples represent only a fraction of the number that must actually be running around.

Yup It's An Ex-Mouse

Yup It’s An Ex-Mouse

I’m sad it’s come to this, with such apparent regularity, but on the other hand, they’re doubly incontinent and just drop ‘stuff’ everywhere as they make ‘your’ house ‘their’ house – and it’s no fun finding their droppings anywhere in your home.

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Anybody left that remembers RME Surplus in Stockwell Street?

I took these pics some time ago, after spotting the shop at 143 Stockwell Street was empty.

Today (2017), it is once again occupied by some wedding-related business, as it seems to have been at various times over more recent years, and probably down the presence of other wedding related shops nearby.

But I’m thinking back to this shop’s past, when it was RME Surplus, or Radio Mechanical Electrical Surplus (and rather more interesting than wedding stuff).

I don’t have any pics of the place from its day, I was probably too ickle and it would have been before I was wandering around with cameras.

If anyone does have any pics of the shop in its prime, and they’re willing to share, it would be great to hear from you.

It was an Aladdin’s cave for anyone interested in electronics, and while it sold plenty of new goodies, for a time, it was stocked with a lot of surplus junk (in the complimentary sense) which came from old war stock, some of which was useful, while the rest was just… interesting. It’s a shame it not still there, as the goodies it had would be coveted by collectors today.

Oddly, I ended up working with one of the suppliers that (later) supplied new components for RME to re-sell. Later, I was away from Glasgow for some time, and it was only on my return I decided to wander down for a look – and was both shocked and surprised to see it had gone.

My favourite buy (while still at school) was a miniature Russian radio, handy for use in boring classes. It was smaller than a match box, and offered both long and medium wave operation. Sad to say it was lost many years ago – unfortunately the earphone was permanently attached (to save space), and when the lead eventually fractured internally, proved to be irreparable. I’m not sure what it was made of, or how it was connected to the hybrid LSI I found inside when I cracked the case, but it seemed to be made from conductive plastic and could not be joined, nor could I find any means of making contact with the substrate.

At least the shop building is still there, and I can look at it and remember it whenever I pass.

Glasgow’s other electronic emporium of the day, Bothwell Electric down Jamaica Street, not only moved (to Sauchiehall Street), but the original building was razed. My ever-lasting memory of this one (being on a pocket-money budget) was that it was damned expensive, with prices that made it worth buying most electronic components from down south, by mail order. Bothwell never really survived the move to Sauchiehall Street, and tried to survive by changing what it sold (disco and similar stuff as I recall, I may be wrong as I stopped looking), but it didn’t last.

I’d appeal for pics, but I’m pretty sure that the chances of turning up pics of that old place are even less likely than for RME.

Stockwell Street Former RME Shop

Stockwell Street Former RME Shop

Wider view.

Stockwell Street Former RME Shop

Stockwell Street Former RME Shop


It’s been pointed out that I failed to mention RME’s move to Howard Street, just a street away, in its later days.

I don’t really have much recollection of that time, as I was working elsewhere and not in Glasgow so often, and the shop was a shadow of its former self after the move.

That’s NOT a criticism of the shop, more a reflection on the inevitable end of the sort of goodies that was their stock-in-trade – the material couldn’t last forever, and once the sources began to run dry, there was no more.

I’m sure the ‘new’ kids taking up electronics were also not so interested in the old gear, and were the start of the generation that likes ‘New Shiny Things’ as opposed to dirty second-hand junk which had been lying around for decades, and become obsolete.

I don’t have any pics of that shop, nor could I even point at where it was.

There was some sort of problem with the buildings in Howard Street, if my memory is correct, and a number of the shops had to move out to alternate addresses.

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