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Aaaaaand another one

No wonder I was getting unwanted guests!

If the past few weeks are typical of the ‘passing trade’ just outside my back door, I’ve actually been lucky and the fact that there have been long periods with no ‘guests’ is becoming surprising.

Given I am not attracting these pests by having fragrant bait in any of the traps (as can be seen below), the catch rate based on my careful trap placement on their rat runs (do mice have ‘mice runs’) suggests there are loads of them running around.

I’m beginning to think it’s a pity the build of the outhouse precludes a simple lower edge sealed threshold for the doors. I could, but it would kill the area ventilation and be major trip hazard due to placement (tried once, it was a real nuisance, and was better at keeping rainwater IN than keeping it OUT).

Guess I’ll just have to keep the mouse burial ground open.

A bit of digging is worth the effort, if it keeps them out.

Poor Odds Mouse

Poor Odds Mouse

This one REALLY had a bad day night… caught in TWO traps!

When I dealt with the corpse, I found his butt was in the trap on the left and his head in trap on the right – and he’d actually gnawed away a sizeable portion of the one on the left. I know where the traps were, and where the gnawed plastic was, but it took me a while to work out what had happened, and it’s a pity mice don’t do the lottery – chances are with the luck I know this one just had, it would have won.

Even had a go at the base!

If mice had wallets, I’d dig him up and make him pay for a new one – but mice don’t wear trousers.

I didn’t notice the base damage until I saw the profile, at the top of the pic…

Gnawed Trap

Gnawed Trap

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-1 out of 10 for being alert and observant

Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts about being dyslexic (I’m sure I am, but have never bothered to be checked, but it would explain lot of mistakes I make and only ‘see’ later) reveal more about its effects.

Over the years I’ve picked up on a number of items I’ve not noticed, despite their being in plain sight, and right in front of me.

Case in point – the great big painting of John Logie Baird which form part of the Strathclyde Wonder Wall in George Street, and I only just spotted recently… despite passing (and looking towards, if not at) dozens of time over the past few years.

I’m pretty hopeless at faces though, recognising changed people is an art I have never mastered, so maybe that contributed too.

I’ve featured the lesser image before, but never realised the larger one was above.

Seriously – how do you miss seeing something that size!?

Baird Wonder Wall Wider

Baird Wonder Wall Wider

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