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The Paternoster refuses to die

If it’s not obvious, I’m something of a fan of the Paternoster, see My Pontecorvo Building mystery solved

Also noted here Taggart (for S5 E11 Flesh And Blood Sep-05-1989).

I’ve always hoped someone who has access to the Pontecorvo Building might have chipped in and let us know the fate of the Paternoster there, but no luck so far, and an online search provides very little on the building, its history, or present state. So bad is the online info, that after my last search (a few years ago) I expected to see the site razed when I next passed, but it was still there.

It seems there is at least ONE living Paternoster in the UK, as detailed here:

One of the last doorless, continuously moving elevators still in use in the UK. Paternoster Lift at the Arts Tower, Sheffield, England

This one managed to get itself on the BBC, and also managed to embarrass a modern lift by beating it in a little test:

And to think, SOME people suggest the extinction of this item is… progress!

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