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Lost cat – Royal (Bengal) – Glasgow city centre

After yesterday’s find of Animal Search UK while in Tollcross…

Today we have another organisation with a similar online presence, spotted first in The Barras area, then in St Andrews Square:

But differing significantly in coverage, this one is international, as opposed the UK coverage of the previous group… is a FREE international geographical Lost, Stolen and Found pet reporting and alerting site.

Significantly, both of these groups address a problem I highlighted on the home-made posters seen, specifically, the inclusion of a date to give anyone noting them an idea of whether or not the poster is new or old.

Specific page for this Lost Cat

Lost Cat Glasgow City

Lost Cat Glasgow City – on a Barras notice board


Lost Cat Glasgow City

St Andrews Square Lamppost

Meanwhile, on Glasgow Green

I hadn’t realised this was the same cat, until I saw the posters together!

Sadly, it shows what a bit of bad Scottish weather can do to a DIY poster in next to no time at all.

The following pics were taken on the 6th, and since the cat only went missing on the 5th, show how quickly some heavy wind and rain can do damage.

At least this one has the cat’s name included, ‘Royal’.

Lost Cat Glasgow City

Lost Cat Glasgow City

Lost Cat Glasgow City

Lost Cat Glasgow City

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