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Weekly round-up: 14 October 2017

Although the Weekly round-up is really for my own benefit (well the original concept was, but as noted last week, if I trip and fall behind then it eats time while I try to catch up), and has not been going long, getting no feedback even after including some intentional provocation suggest it’s either of no interest, or I really do need a better format.

This week hasn’t provided any spare time to play with it, and I see other diversions arriving which will mean no spare time for the next few weeks, (translation… you won’t be seeing another round-up for a while).

Things have been surprisingly quiet as regards new add-ons for Firefox 57 (as many of the existing add-on are not based on web extensions (WE), so will cease to function with the official 57 release in November), with few replacements for some of the best Legacy add-ons.

But this week saw a number of WE versions arrive to replace them, which was great since many developers had said they would not make the move to WE, having clearly taken offence at the change which killed their existing hard work. But, it looks as if they are not willing to let their creations go, and have been working on Firefox 57+ compatible version.

They’re all new and very much beta, so can be buggy, and that means dependent on mugs (sorry, brave beta-testers) to take a chance and run with them, reporting any hiccups or disasters they find.

I’ll be doing this for a while, so no Weekly round-up, not, at least until things settle down and become stable.

What can happen? Try this, a new version of some code meant the current tab I was on crashed every time the mouse pointer touched an image – that get boring VERY quickly. Fortunately, the problem was solved within a day.

Since I depend on some of the old add-ons (thankfully now with WE replacements just arrived) to keep a lot of info I get delivered online up to date, I need these working reliably. It makes more sense to help that process than struggle along without them, and collecting info manually.

It’s only when you use a tool that ‘looks’ at between 50 and 100 web pages for you every day, and then suddenly lose it, that you realise just how much it helps.


As per last week, and a possible, I’ll close this for now with some presents for the apoplectic octogenarian who sees swastikas in his slippers…

I’ll be trying to arrange for these nice ladies to pay him a little ‘comfort’ visit.

(Relax, they won’t actually arrive. You have heard of Photoshop, haven’t you?)

Fuhrers Witness

Fuhrers Witness

There’s so much innocent swastika use out there, and so many people ignorant of its history (they think/believe Hitler ‘invented’ it) that I might return with a series of genuine pre-1900 examples.

Or maybe more Chinese uses, where many have no idea what it means outside their border.

An amusing fact that even applies to English words – Chinese (kids especially) will just plaster English words on their t-shirts and cars with no idea what they actually mean.

Don’t believe me?

I’m making it up, you say!

Try this for starters:

Just to finish with yet another contribution dedicated to  – sadly, no info at all came with this one. At a guess, it’s for kids to play with (or be indoctrinated), and painted on the ground (texture gives an idea of its scale):

Fun Swastika

Fun Swastika

Ridiculing an old man who shouts at clouds could become a weekly treat, if any more ‘innocent swastikas’ turn up.


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  1. I would say your ‘fun swastica ‘ painted on the ground is in fact a Ludo board!


    Comment by Ray Melville | Oct 15, 2017

  2. Yes, that has been the general consensus (unless you have swastikas on your slippers 😉 )..


    Comment by Apollo | Oct 15, 2017

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