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Does Polmadie Car Boot Sale still exist?

A long long time ago, in a land far far away…

I used to enjoy a Sunday morning walk to one or two small outdoor markets that used take place nearby.

But every one of them has gone now, all lost to the land (or venue) where they took place being sold and given over to housing developments, and although I’ve walked around quite lot of other areas, there seem to be no others that have survived, or appeared in their wake.

However, I had noted quite a few large adverts for Polmadie Car Boot Sale, claiming to be “THE BEST CAR BOOT SALE IN SCOTLAND” and that “Polmadie Car Boot Sale is Scotland’s only fully undercover car boot sale”.

While it’s not exactly at the end of my street, it is a reasonable walk, and I recently landed in Polmadie, and by chance, walked down Jessie Street, where it should have been located.

This was the middle of a Sunday afternoon, so I expected some activity, but the place was deserted, doors locked, and not even a single body wandering around. Nothing. Nobody.

Ghost ship market!

Polmadie Car Boot Sale

Polmadie Car Boot Sale

While it all looks nice and clean, that also extends to the floor I could see inside, where I would have expected to see at least some rubbish blowing around even if it had just closed for the day, but there was nothing.

Glad I didn’t go on this long walk with the expectation of a nice wander round a market at the end.

Their last tweet (yes, they are on Twitter) was back in 2012!

There are few reviews online, but the most recent I saw was from 3 months ago, in August 2017.

While I haven’t seen any posters or street ads for a while, there is still a full web site up and running:

– Polmadie Car Boot Sale –

So, I’m curious.

Did I happen past on the wrong day?

Is this as dead and buried as the markets that used to take place on my doorstep, or did I just chance past on a day when they held a market – and nobody turned up?


From comments (and there’s one below) it looks as if I DID turn up on the wrong day, and Sunday is indeed ‘The day of the dead’.

Guess I really will have to try to wander over that way on one of the other days.

By chance, I also discovered why this thing stays lodged in my mind.

I was walking through Calton and arrived at what’s left of The Barras and happened to look up into the sky. On top of what appears to be the tallest and last standing tenement there is a huge Polmadie market sign!

Intriguingly, if you pull it up in Google’s Street View, it ONLY shows Saturday and Sunday as the opening days, and does not mention the Wednesday.

I think they need a new manager.

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50 Argyle Street – Derelict Bank of Scotland plus more murals

I hadn’t really noticed the murals concealing the ground floor of the building at 50 Argyle Street (extending around into Miller Street) before, but my recent habit of spotting them now we have a deliberate mural trail in Glasgow seems to make be notice them.

50 Argyle Street was built in 1905 and is said to follow an American style (not to mention the Glasgow Style and others) which to my eye seems accurate. It’s an 8 story building described as being built for the Trustees of Mrs Mary Goodson (I have no idea), with the ground floor being occupied by the Bank of Scotland.More recently retail, now unoccupied, as are the floors above.

The building has been unoccupied for some time, derelict, decaying, and now considered to be at risk. Specifically:

27 October 2015: Local planners advise Full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for the demolition of the building and erection of a mixed use development are being sought ref: 15/01492/DC & 15/01493/DC. Risk Level raised to High.

Although not immediately evident, it seems the exterior is disintegrating, and a closer look reveals extensive areas of protective mesh have been fixed to retain fractured material and prevent it falling onto the street below.

50 Argyle Street And Miller Street

50 Argyle Street And Miller Street

Closer look at the safety retaining mesh:

50 Argyle Street Mesh

50 Argyle Street Mesh

Rather than go back and try for pics of the murals, I thought I’d play with what I already had, to see if they could be reasonably extracted from the images earlier shots (one other taken of the Argyle Street elevation).

50 Argyle Street Panel 1

50 Argyle Street Panel 1


50 Argyle Street Panel 2

50 Argyle Street Panel 2


50 Argyle Street Panels 3 And 4

50 Argyle Street Panels 3 And 4


50 Argyle Sreet Miller Street Panels

50 Argyle Street Miller Street Panels

Clearer view of Panel 4 – reveals the bear has a fish for dinner.

50 Argyle Street Panel 4

50 Argyle Street Panel 4

Not too bad overall, with the main problem for me being the obscured areas lost to passer-by in front of some areas.

The day wasn’t particularly bright so the higher than desirable ISO setting (for making such small crops) means noise starts to become apparent, but given the minimal processing applied (I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this exercise), I’m not complaining.

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