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Valiant effort – but probably needs more than TYRES

Nice coincidence of wreck and sign.

While the owner might deserve a round of applause for dragging the remains so close to the tyre shop…

Have to be honest and say that I think it will take more than waiting for a tyre to fix that one.

If it’s not apparent from the pic, then I can add that the MKI eyeball found that the suspension was knackered, and the rear axle/wheel mounting was not sitting where the maker intended.

There’s probably a LOT of hidden damage under there, and suspension mounting points that have their intended location as little mote than a fond memory.



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I found a CityTree!

That’s not a typo in the subject, CityTree is all one word (in this case, at least).

I had read about the CityTree a while ago, but more or less forgot all about.

Also, the original article had only been about the tech aspects of the thing, and at the time had no mention (or knowledge) of the arrival of at least two of these devices in Glasgow, one in Killermont Street, by the bus station, and one in Royal Exchange Square, near GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art, and this was the one I tripped over.

I was in a hurry at the time, so really only had a moment to grab my pic and move on, and was not able to take a closer look at it.

A pity, as the idea seems a reasonable solution to provide almost ‘natural’ air cleaning in places where trees are not practical.

In this case, one CityTree provides the filtering of some 250+ trees.

Read more here CityTree: the air pollution startup with the purifying power of 275 trees

Of course, this sort of ingenuity brings out the usual loonies, and I’ve since read that there are Green Loonies who are not happy about these things (then again, Green Loonies are probably not going to be happy about ANYTHING that reduces their opportunity to moan about something), and are already decrying them and saying they should not be promoted, and that pollution should be dealt with at source – THAT’S THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION! (according to them).

Not to be outdone, another bunch of Green Loonies has apparently been complaining about REAL TREES in city streets.

Their problem?

Apparently even REAL trees make things WORSE since their branches and foliage slow down airflow, causing pollutants to drop out of the slowed airflow, and causing a local INCREASE in pollution levels.

Yup… Green Loonies – Unhappy about EVERYTHING since the Dawn of Time.

Maybe the trick is to take a break from micro-analysing everything, and just doing things that, on balance, make things better, while aiming to minimise those that don’t.

Oh, sorry.

We can’t do that, can we?

That would be too much like REASONABLE!

I find their ramblings are no longer even amusing.

For example – I worked in Glasgow city centre in the 1980s.

I used to drive in, and recall spending ages in stationary traffic in Argyle Street. The traffic was nose-to-tail and packed solid there, and jammed in all the surrounding streets. I can’t recall coughing, spluttering, wheezing, or being unable to breath. In fact, with no industrial pollution, smoke, or soot, I can’t even recall visibility being a problem, or sitting a fog of exhaust fumes.

Today, the Loonies tell us that pollution in Glasgow is breaking all sorts of limits, the council are vile criminals, murdering hundreds of people every year because they allow fatal levels of pollution in the city and fail to take action to prevent the deaths.

Sorry Loonies, but your claims have become so ludicrous I no longer care about what you say or claim.

You’re probably doing more damage than good, and alienating those who once supported you.

(Please feel free to comment wildly below).

GoMA CityTree

GoMA CityTree

Pity I had to ‘Snap and Run’ as that looks like an interesting detailed label on the side.

I’ll have to try to get back there before the neds turn up with a lorry and steal it (it’s full of batteries, solar cells, pumps, computers… ).

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