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Seriously? He cuddles every cat – all I get is catbutt!

Maybe I should move… to Australia!

Man Catches Cats

Man Catches Cats

Via Man Can’t Have a Cat So He Takes Photo With Every Kitty He Meets and Gives Them Cuddles

He can grab every one he meets.

All I get is (disappearing) catbutts!

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

And, I’m generally lucky to get even that if I dare stop long enough to reach for a camera.

Yesterday was classic example…

Looked down while walking along the street past some houses with garden, and a tabby cat materialises through a hedge.

Reached for camera (well, it’s a waste of time trying to say ‘Hello’ around here – they just take off if you try approaching), checked power switch (start of day, and hadn’t used it) and then looked back the cat.


Empty street.

Empty garden.

Clearly, I was just hallucinating, again.

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Christmas is coming

I’ve been watching the arrival of various pieces of plant in George Square recently (sometime manage to wander through once a week at the moment), and assumed they were for the forthcoming seasonal lights display (aka Christmas lights).

I was getting worried, but last night’s detour confirmed that Christmas is indeed coming, and work has started.

Just as well, they need to get this sorted well in advance of the preparations for the Christmas market that takes place in the square now.

The market has grown in size and popularity over years, supplementing the matching event which takes place in St Enoch Square, and having watched it being assembled last year, can attest to the amount of work it takes, and space needed just for the preparation and construction.

I read some negative remarks made about it recently, decrying the mere fact that it is allowed to take place – sounds like someone is feeding on sour grapes. Visitors seem happy, last year it was packed like sardines most of the time, with security on the entrances asking  people to wait until they got word that folk had left, and made some room.

George Square City Chambers Christmas

George Square City Chambers Christmas Begins

If you think that view looks grey – it is!

I don’t know what kind of clouds gathered over Glasgow, but the whole day was a deep grey, hardly any colour except for a few short periods when the cloud broke and some Sun made an appearance.

I sat in the wrong place. I don’t know what he was doing, but a guy in a hoodie tool a full 10 minutes to assemble a roll-up (probably from all the dowts he had collected), pausing only to deliver a stream of abuse at a couple taking pics in front of the memorial – apparently mortally upset about not being asked for his permission to be included in their pics. I should have moved then.

When he was finished he came over and tried to cadge a light from me – I thought I was going to get laid into next (and was holding a camera!), having made sure I didn’t look in his direction I hadn’t even noticed him asking. Of course, I had to say sorry as I don’t smoke, but he was fine (even though I had unintentionally ignored him), and just carried on to the next couple along, who were puffing away.

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