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Weekly round-up: 28 October 2017

(STILL playing with this…)

(And still not getting all the feeds etc I left behind in ‘old’ Firefox, but getting there).

Still trying to get used to browsing without multi-row tabs – it’s TOUGH!

I hope someone can come up this again, as the stabilising Firefox58 Nightly is actually working quite well (ie fast and now a crashed tab doesn’t crash the whole browser) now, and I have given (a little) assist to the developer of the scheduling option, which opens web page at given times/dates, meaning no need to remember or even go visit sites that matter – they’re just THERE, open in the browser when told to.

Sad there has to be a victim, or perhaps victims, since this sort of thing is probably not down to criminal intent, and more likely mental issues, or circumstances Couple’s neglect caused cat to suffer for over a year

Interesting judgement… Shouldn’t sufficient evidence be recorded AT THE SCENE, to be tested later in court? Rather than depend on someone’s memory after more than four years Everton footballer cleared of speeding in Glasgow

Nasty, and too close! I regularly walk only one street away from this park, and at that time of day too, although the park is hidden from my view so I had no idea it was even there. I think I’ll keep on passing Good Samaritan slashed with blade while trying to help man

Soon, ALL exhibits will be behind bars and bullet-proof glass National museum suffers £60,000 of thefts in five years

After both USING and WATCHING ferry service development over the years, I have come to the conclusion that no matter how good (or how bad) a job the incumbent does (even if that includes ceding to external demands), they will ALWAYS be in the wrong and deemed USELESS Warning over future of lifeline island ferry services

(I’ll just add a little anecdote after the previous item – after years of moaning and wailing about how the ferry operators supposedly high fares were ruining islands’ business… the more recent news is of islanders complaining about the high volume of visitors damaging their islands since fares were reduced. Last story I spotted was of someone calling for island tourist taxes.)

As usual, air travel is somehow immune from responsibility. This sort of nonsense should be hit by making the passengers responsible for relevant taxes. So, one passenger? Fine, so long as they pay the costs usually spread over the total inventory Author gets £46 Glasgow to Crete flight to herself

Nicely staged story Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service (D&GCAS), and I suggest is utter nonsense. I’ve been in lots of the stores mentioned and never seen the EXACT SAME product priced differently in any. But a tin of own brand custard is 16 p, while famous Ambrosia is £1.15 in some, so easy to make fantasy shopping trolley price totals for Trump-style ‘fake news’ Poor shoppers ‘paying highest prices’






Just to finish with yet another contribution dedicated to the apoplectic octogenarian who sees swastikas in his slippers .

I think we should have an online funding campaign – and send him to live here:

Swastika Ontario

Swastika Ontario

The thought of him seeing that sign, or his blood pressure every time he has to fill in his address on a form.

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Comfy Carntyne statues

This one is really just a follow on from yesterday’s comfy car, spotted being wrapped up for the winter.

Just a little further along the road, it seems the same care and attention was being paid to some rather large garden gnomes.

Don’t miss the guy hiding up in the top left corner of the pic – not sure what he’s was doing up there.

I’m pretty sure I saw the rest wrapped up later, and have noticed quite a few folk with statues do the same thing

Interesting Garden

Interesting Garden

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