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Looking down their noses and judging us since… forever! (You know who)

I was going to use these pics later in the week, but since it’s National Cat Day I suppose I should move a little faster.

‘Judgemental cat’ seems to appear more often in shared images these days, and while I was sitting in George Square recently, I noticed I was in line with one of the lions, and it was looking down on me, did not seem to be particularly impressed.

I wandered over and grabbed a pic of the pair, but the flattened perspective of images loses the effect when these are seen from a similar perspective for real, in normal 3D. Their long noses and downward gaze are just lost in the flattened perspective of a 2D image.

I suspect something similar happens with the ‘new’ Rolls Royce. For me, at least, this car makes a terrible model, and ever since the current body style and nose appeared, I’ve thought it looks terrible in pics. Seen for real, again to me, it’s almost a completely different car/shape as the shape takes on its proper 3D view. I find the effect somewhat unsettling, but it has taught me to be careful.

The long noses and gaze of the lions don’t make it through the 2D conversion in a flat pic.

Pity, this aspect looked a lot more impressive in the flesh… er… stone.

I guess some sort of off-centre view which catches their profile as well is what is needed, so I will have to revisit this view one day.

Until then…

George Square North Lion

George Square North Lion


George Square South Lion

George Square South Lion

Maybe it’s just me, but Judgemental (black) Cat from the Interwebs seems to look alarmingly similar.

Judgemental Cat

Judgemental Cat

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When it’s National Cat day – and nobody tells you!

Well, THAT’S typical.

No credit to any of my reminders or feeds (which, to be fair, are nearly all down as I work on evaluating Firefox58 Nightly and its new style add-ons), but…

DIS ME when I learn today, 29 October, is National Cat Day!

Again, I was also diverted digging up stuff for (not) Glasgow’s Cat Café, as posted a few hours ago.

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary

I managed International Cat Day back on 08 August, purely by chance of course, but Black Cat Appreciation Day slipped by unnoticed, being so close on 17 August, I wasn’t even thinking about it, and of course, no automatic reminders at the moment.

I must remember to connect to my reminders soon.

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Referred to as Glasgow Cat Cafe – it’s not in Glasgow!

(Before anyone gets catty, be clear I am SLATING rubbish media coverage and PUBLICISING the café correctly).

You may have noticed a small series of articles that ran in the media, some time around June of 2017, first publicising the imminent arrival of a Cat Cafe in Glasgow, then making a big issue out of revealing its location in the city centre.

That same source MAY have produced subsequent updates, but they did not come up when I searched for info last week – all I got were the original articles from earlier in the year.

I happened to be in the Merchant City area recently, and recalled the news of the cat café, although I had forgotten the address. The Merchant City area is not that big, and I did recall that the word ‘Trongate’ had featured in the stories. However, although I walked all of the relevant area… no café to be seen.

Since I had to go back a few days later, I did a quick search for those articles, and found that it was located at 2 Trongate – an abandoned former bank, easy to find under the shadow of the Tron Steeple, so off I went.

Here’s what I found.

2 Trongate

2 Trongate

2 Trongate

2 Trongate

Strange name for a Cat Café – ‘wbf TO LET’.

(And another set of pics that show Glasgow’s intrusive ‘pole problem’!)


I had a quick search around for some back story to this, it would have been nice to know what happened – but it seems the media lost interest, and nobody else seems to have bothered.

While this would have been a nice location (for me, as this is where I tend to arrive in Glasgow city centre), I can be pretty sure I won’t be seeing the actual Cat Café as finally delivered, IT’S IN CLYDEBANK!

I guess that still counts as Glasgow – Greater Glasgow that is (since that boundary includes Clydebank), but the café has not updated its own web site, still (at the end of October 2017) showing…

Glasgow’s first cat cafe, in a city centre location

Not for all the tea in China, could we even resist launching a café celebrating our huge love of cats, and a nice, fresh brew! Cats (猫). Tea (茶). You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of other drinks, plus tasty food — including vegetarian and vegan. Purrple Cat Café is opening its doors late 2017, as the ultimate place to meet and relax with (feline) friends.

See the source for Purrple Cat Café.

Pretty sure some unidentifiable back street in Clydebank is not “a city centre location“.

Try finding this online:

9B Kilbowie Court
Clydebank, West Dumbartonshire
G81 3AJ

While I can’t really go there, I also can’t find Kilbowie Court on the maps or in Street View. I think the problem is that the location on the map is fixed by the postcode, and that only identified a mail delivery area, not the actual location. The markers on some maps look like someone was playing darts with them. Also, assuming Kilbowie Court lies somewhere off Kilbowie Road… that’s a LONG road to search along.

(Anybody wants to send more specific details or pics, I’ll be happy to do another post that nails the place down, and show what it looks like so it can be spotted.)

I DID try wandering around Street View, but the street pics are 2016 at best just now, and much is dated 2012, so no chance of spotting something new in 2017.


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