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Should the Scottish SPCA choose its words with more care?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the Scottish SPCA needs to take more care of the words it chooses to use when referring to those who abandon cats/kittens on its doorstep.

While this is far from ideal, it’s surely unfair to direct comments such as this against those concerned, which we now see in every similar case:

Mr McDade added: “To dump any animal in this way is extremely cruel and they would have been exposed to a potential dog or fox attack.

Abandoning and causing an animal unnecessary suffering is an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life.

That seems to be very unproductive response.

I see a LOT of stories from around the world regarding cats being ‘dumped’ or ‘abandoned’ and ‘suffering’ as a result, none of which victims were fortunate enough to have someone who cared enough to take the trouble to take them to the door of a caring centre such as the Scottish SPCA.

They are thrown from moving cars, sometimes in city traffic, boxed and thrown in rivers, thrown from bridges, or left in open country. The lucky ones in these cases are spotted by disbelieving witness who often go on to rescue the animals – but not always.

THAT is the sort of action which should attract the sort of comment regarding criminalisation – not people who may have become unable to look after their pets for some reason.

Threatening such unfortunate people, whose judgement may already be less than ideal, is only likely to scare them off, leading them to dump their pets in isolated locations where they will not be seen, if they believe they may be chased by the police and face prosecution.

Drug addicts get better treatment that these folk nowadays, seen as being in trouble due to other problems they have, or believe they have, no control over. They get help and treatment, not criminalised.

A better educated and more responsible response and approach other than that offered by Mr McDade is needed, and the Scottish SPCA needs to seriously review its public response to such cases, and lead its staff in this.

If not, expect to see MORE stories of abandoned pets, and NOT in a good places such as the door of a shelter.

Via Three boxes of cats found dumped outside rescue shelter

Scottish SPCA Cat Boxes

Scottish SPCA Cat Boxes – Scottish SPCA Media Pic

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A sort of (historic) update on a couple of sad cars

After a subtle hint, I found a little more info about a couple of unfortunate cars I spotted huddling together in the corner of a yard a few years ago:

Chevrolet and Reliant Scimitar SS1

Chevrolet and Reliant Scimitar SS1

They’d actually been there or thereabouts for some years before that, but I had never managed to stop and collect some earlier pics, and they disappeared – or more accurately got moved, and I just couldn’t see them until the owner of the yard moved out so it could be put on the market, and they came into view again, before also being cleared.

You can see some of the earlier view I missed out on at the links below.

They’re firmly locked behind owner’s copyright, and sharing is disabled (I could just copy and paste, but it’s not worth the possible hassle).

Notably, in those days the plates were pointlessly taped over.


The Chevrolet… Taken on February 18, 2017

The Reliant… Taken on October 13, 2013

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Nice day for a Mustang

This second sighting of an ‘old friend’ (the number, not the car) reminded me of a small collection of Glasgow Mustangs (not including this one) that I collected over the course of a few days.

Not sure why the concentration appeared (and disappeared quickly), but I did keep seeing the same cars almost each time I was out for a while, so while there were only a few, it felt like a lot more.

I grabbed this one while I could though, even though I mentioned it recently. For once, it didn’t have a boring car jammed up against its backside, blocking the view. And the rain had stopped too, so it was dry. Wonder how long I’ve been missing this one? That’s the problem with having varied routes, missing the good stuff if not on one for a long time.

I’ve never seen it moving, which is a pity as I’d like to see the brake lights and indicators operating. They’re probably standard (especially with UK legislation on such things), but I’ve seen some fascinating sequential systems on US Mustangs, shared by owners who have installed after-market conversions over there.

(I can update this, as it’s dark here now and another one – blue – went round the corner at my window. Nothing sequential unfortunately, just the usual single indicator at each corner, and plain red in the rest).

Behind The Mustang

Behind The Mustang

The irritating squiggly thing at the bottom left of the rear window is not on the car or damage – it’s the reflection of Shettleston’s Christmas lights wiring, at the top of a pole, reflected in the glass.

Every pic seems to have an issue these days – this was hard to get to look ‘right’ as the camber of the road tips the car over to one side, and the angle of the lower rear tips the number plate forward, so it ends up being faded as the reflection from the sky cannot be avoided.

Yes, I know… I’m getting to be TOO fussy.

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I’d rather have ‘Art Store’ back in Queen Street

While I don’t wish ‘Castle Fine Art’ any ill will (and probably the opposite if the imagery used on the murals they prepared to block their windows during refurb are anything to go by), but I think I’d rather have seen the return of ‘Art Store’ to the premises.

As a frustrated artist of some sort, I used to enjoy just being in Art Store after a visit to the (I’m afraid) increasingly depressing GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) across the road.

I’m really sorry to say this, but after a few good years, with interesting and entertaining static and visiting exhibits, GoMA seems to have lost all the intriguing static items it once displayed, and the visiting exhibits are pretty poor and sparse, often consisting of a handful of items almost lost in huge display spaces. I’ve looked in sometimes and thought the displays were just being prepared, only to realise that the half-dozen or so almost postage-stamp sized images on the walls WERE the exhibits.

I’ve also seen enough ‘shocking’ or ‘edgy’ exhibitions to last me a lifetime, and now consider they’re down to artists with little or no real talent, but the ability to gain sponsors who know it might attract some publicity.

I really did like the material appearing in the early days of GoMA, but in recent years, find that I enter in hope, but leave in despair after seeing what they have on show.

Oops… sidetracked again, sorry.

Art Store was a great shop, jammed with interesting material, customers, and staff.

When it closed due to other works in the building I was a little surprised it didn’t relocate, or that I could find any info online about its fate.

In fact, all I found was other people who had liked the place, and cared enough to mention it online.

We seem to be missing decent art stores now, while we have Millers, it’s a bit large and anonymous now, and has been so empty when I’ve visited recently that I’ve stopped going in for a wander, as I feel like I’m the only one in there, and being watched closely.

Castle Fine Art Preview

Castle Fine Art Preview

There’s also a big shed of shop in The Fort shopping centre, but it’s really more aimed at crafting, and the prices reflect the general rip-off this relatively new hobby represents as those who supply the material charge an absolute premium for both the stock material and tools.
As another little aside, I took quite a few pics, not out of interest, but because of all the damned poles!

It’s almost impossible to take a street level pic of most places in Glasgow these days, with poles for signs, traffic lights, surveillance cameras, and street lights getting in the way of a clean shot, not to mention the many bins, pedestrian barriers, parking ticket machines, and now bicycle parking supports doing the same for the lower part of any street shot. These obstacles are now so numerous it’s hard to go any further than a few metres without bumping into one, or tripping over another.

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So, first genuine frost hit last night.

I watched the temp fall below zero during the night, and bottom out at -2°C for a short period – it had made it to zero on previous nights, but hadn’t managed to cause frost to form. But, this time…

Chilly Morning

Chilly Morning

Oh well. I suppose that means summer really is over.

I might watch somewhere like Glasgow Green when I get the chance this year – it managed to surprise me last year.

This was the scene I found when I arrived there exactly a year ago (2016).

Glasgow Green Sports

Glasgow Green Sports

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