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Glasgow Family Album project by Cranhill Arts

Too late to go and look at this now, the corner of Old Shettleston Road and Fernan Street (where these items were recorded) has since been developed. The land behind was cleared, and flats were built there – so the fence these boards were mounted on had to go as well.


Commonwealth Family Album

Commonwealth Family Album

The headline item was an Off-Site Exhibition: Commonwealth Family Album that took place between 21 July 2014 and 3rd August 2014.

It’s fairly forgettable, little more than a gimmick tacked on to the dopey Commonwealth Shames nonsense of that year.

Details remain online here: Commonwealth Family Album

Glasgow Family Album

Much more interesting and relevant was an effort to set up ‘the biggest family album of our photos’ by Cranhill Arts Project.

I only managed to get a pic of one of the boards that introduced this project and had loads of example pics, although there were more mounted along the fence and extending for quite a way along the street. I forget what caused the problem, but something got in the way of the rest, so this was the all I could get. I probably meant to go back, but took to long, and it had all been torn down the next time I was in Fernan Street.


Glasgow Family Album

Glasgow Family Album

The Glasgow Family Album is still online three years later. (Sad to say, I’m getting used to looking at projects a few years after seeing them start, only to find they have become 404 pages – they no longer exist).

There are some nice pictures in there, but they’re a little hard to find.

There’s no form of index to give the visitor a clue as to what it there, so the only way to find anything is through a basic search function.

Input a word, such as ‘Rothesay’ for example, and if there is anything with that in the description in there, then it will be returned.

The problem is that you have to know what you are looking for, and it has to be in there with the same description, so it can take a few stabs to match something you might be interested, and you have to persevere and not give up if the first try comes up empty.

There is also a Timeline Page.

While this is quite a nice feature, it is also very coarse, apparently only filtering the images by decades.

This means a lot of images are returned, leading to significant delay (I thought things had frozen), and a very LONG page to load. But it does provide a way to browse the images visually.

Unfortunately, it seems the project is either no longer active, or few people are aware of it and its aim:

All over Glasgow people are looking out their favourite family photos and bringing them to be scanned, archived and added to this growing collection.

Together, these make up a unique family album for our whole city.

Browse the images and albums, enjoy the pictures in Glasgow family Album – then look out your family photos and get in touch

It’s quite a while since I remembered to have a look, and I’m pretty sure that the pics on its ‘New’ page are the same as I saw when I last visited some months ago.

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