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Well, that’s Edinburgh off my list!

Just kidding of course, but it was interesting to see Edinburgh chosen as the setting for the assassination sequence in this campaigning video fantasy.

It’s also a shame that those who think a simple ban is the solution to emergent AI technology and the dangerous uses it can be turned to.

It’s rather like the near total ban we now have on firearms in Scotland – yet for some strange reason reports of firearms being used in crimes continue to appear in the media, and our police are now carrying more guns as a matter of course.

Calls for a ban on AI are about as sensible (and effective) as the firearms ban, and represent the ill-informed knee-jerk reaction to a real problem, which needs a properly thought out system applied.

This chap has a better approach, but I doubt anyone who has an agenda to win votes, or be ‘liked’ will pay any attention to his words:

I’m a pacifist, so why don’t I support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots?

This video has high production values, but still reeks of fantasy and exaggeration intended to evoke an emotional rather than considered response.

Still wonder why they framed their shots to make Edinburgh clearly and easily identifiable as the setting.


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Shiny Bentley is shiny

It’s a while since I dipped into my nice car and registration collection, so…

I was running through Glasgow when I grabbed this one, and didn’t realise quite how nice the finish on its black paint was.

In fact, I was in so much of a hurry I didn’t even notice the hulking SUV in front also had a cherished registration – oh well, 1 HXH will have to do.

2015 Bentley Continental 4.0 V8 GTS Convertible

2015 Bentley Continental 4.0 V8 GTS Auto Convertible

I have to be honest and say that after looking at some shots of the 2018 Rolls Royce, find that while that marque may rightly lay claim to the ‘Best car in the World’, the separation of the pair has left Bentley with the more pleasing car to the eye.


While I see few Rollers in the metal these days (my neighbours also seem to have deserted that marque and mostly prefer to go with Bentley these days), I still have to caution anyone who finds them unattractive on the basis of pics only (because of their relative rarity) NOT to rely on that evidence.

I still find the Rolls Royce to be one car that, for me at least, is not flattered by even the best photography.

I can’t put my finger on the reason, but when seen in the wild, the car itself looks just fine (if not quite as attractive as a Bentley), and quite different from the impression given in photographs.

That said, the 2018 models I mentioned above have actually managed to lessen that effect, so maybe the clue would be to look at the detailed body changes, which must be responsible for the improvement in pic appearance,

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