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Weekly round-up: 18 November 2017

(Not much opportunity to watch for goodies during the week, or even see much news… so stuff just stuffed here this week.)

Strange week… I’ve no idea what I’ve been doing (apart from too much time online), but found myself at Thursday night with not a thing in the round-up, and an accumulation of almost 100 item notifications to look at. Oh well…

The religious mafia is, it seems, still alive and well on Scotland’s islands, dishing out its own brand of intolerance as usual New row about Sunday openings on Isle of Lewis

(Sir) Billy Connolly explains this better “THOU SHALL NOT!” Minister seeks to explain Sunday closing letter to shop

A little good news, this having been the week that saw Remembrance Sunday Polish war memorial in Invergordon refurbished

A little bad news, this having been the week that saw Remembrance Sunday Lockerbie Remembrance Sunday swastika painting probed

And more Boy, 14, charged over Tullibody War Memorial vandalism

And, different, yet the same Damaged Aberdeen Lifeboat lock ‘could have cost lives’

It’s sad to see the same ignorant morons (commenters) trash potentially forward-looking developments Unst in Shetland to aim for space programme

Sad to see an icon go, and that this was a corner I didn’t reach when I could Approval sought for Dounreay dome demolition

No link, but not sure if just sad, or typical of ‘single issue thinking’ that I noted a motoring activist group blames spending cuts for ‘Killing Drivers’ (their term in the quotes, they did not say ‘road users’).

And a really sad/scary story about some more activists (extremists?) – despicable threatening of a singer with hearing loss, instead of praising her achievements The singer sent death threats from the ‘deaf community’

Why to people not just contact Facecrook instead of whining and getting loads of media publicity – OH! Just answered my own question Facebook lifts Christmas card ban

These alleged drone scare stories are becoming less credible – when did a two-rotor drone last appear, and I suggest trying to actually SEE a drone at some of the huge distances claimed in some stories Planes in near-misses with drones twice in three days

Looks like a good idea that must be long overdue (I could never be bothered after getting one) Single card pilot for Scottish libraries launched

Are the repeated failures a message from the gods to these folk – time to give up? Airlander 10 ‘breaks in two’ and collapses at Cardington

Shhh… Don’t tell anybody it was launched from a Scottish island New record for an object sent into space from UK

I used to spend a lot of time in Govanhill, and didn’t even know they had baths then Govanhill Baths awarded £500,000 grant

Another daft rule (minimum alcohol pricing), and leads to Could we now see Scottish ‘booze cruises’ to England?

(Yes, I used to see this when I stayed in North Wales, where ‘dry’ periods meant I saw convoys of car regularly crossing the border to England).

Delusion sets in again, as we seem to have gone from NO sightings of Nessie recently, to claims of a RECORD YEAR 2017 has been a ‘record year’ for sightings of the Loch Ness monster

(Explain to me why we don’t have hundreds/thousands more now, with all those tourists, and faithful spotters of course, surrounding Loch Ness with their mobile phone cameras – don’t tell me that the folk who made, sorry TOOK, pics of Nessie in the past were all faking it, and can’t do so now, since they can’t get all those others to take the same pic at the same time.)

No laughing at the apoplectic octogenarian who sees swastikas in his slippers, given this past week’s significance, a detail from the Crathie War Memorial – a tribute sadly misunderstood by some.

Crathie-Balmoral War Memorial Detail

Crathie-Balmoral War Memorial Detail

Best explained by its own plaque.

Balmoral War Memorial Plaque

Balmoral War Memorial Plaque


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Almost a secret – the Postie’s Box

I quite like to find out secrets, even if they’re not really ‘secret’, or maybe just not well known.

There are a few variations on the derelict example of the box seen below. For example, it has a form of cylinder lock, while others have use a larger mortice design. They also come in larger sizes. Some are post-mounted, such as this rusting example, and others can be found bolted to the side of the familiar red post box. They can be red, like this one, or a plain grey.

This one’s quite stable and solid, despite losing its paint and being very rusty, unlike one along the road from me, which looked nice and shiny, with little or no damage to its paint, yet its support failed completely a few days ago, leaving it lying on the footpath beside its perforated support. They tidied it away before I could get a pic.

Quite a few seem to have become abandoned and unused, and been burst open like this one, and filled with rubbish.

It was a long time before I saw one actually being used properly, by a postie, as storage for their mail bag.

Derelict Postie's Box

Derelict Postie’s Box

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