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It just snowed in sunny Glasgow

I should have known better, really, I should.

Yesterday was really nice, both dry and sunny, and well above freezing temps too.

Of course, I was stuck indoors for reasons outwith my control, or choice.

Today, I’d largely decided to get out, and the morning at least started well (if chilly), being dry and bright.

Come 10:30 or so, it was time for coffee, and I saw the dullness that had fallen was being accompanied by a combination of rain and wet snow, stuck to my window – had I arrived 5 minutes later, it would have been gone, as the temp was hovering a few degrees above 0 deg C, so no chance of it lying.

But I saw it, and it was no great surprise as the snow is already lying on the hilltops surrounding Glasgow.

It’s already stopped and gone away, so maybe I’ll still make it out after F1 free practice on the telly (if I can find my shovel).

No evidence to take a pic of, so…

Light Scottish Snowfall

Light Scottish Snowfall



I ventured past a window an hour later to find that a new period of dullness was down a REAL snowfall.

Unfortunately, still too much latent heat around for this to lie, I had to go on a quick learning course to find out how to photograph falling snow.

I had just about worked out how to do this when I thought the method had stopped working, but dragging my eye from the viewfinder revealed the flurry had just stopped while I had been busy.

But, I did at least get a usable view, even if I had to crop out most of the surroundings.

Warm Snowfall

Warm Snowfall

Hint: Flash might sometimes produce interesting effect in rain – but it’s not an option for snow.

I’d found a nice range of shutter speeds, but all fun stopped when the snow stopped, and focus/aperture/ISO remain mysteries for another day – but at least I learned something new.

F1 commentators were spot on too

Watching F1 free practice from the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi was fun.

News came in that those at Knockhill were “Up to their ankles in snow”.


“Well, you can be up to your ankle in snow at Knockhill in the middle of summer”.

Never quite saw that myself, but sometimes wished I had a wet suit and scuba gear as I waded around the circuit some years.

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