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Mildly reassuring car crash story from Aberdeen

Crashed car

I’ve seen a number of ‘car crash’ stories (and I use the term merely for convenience, rather than get tangled up in an attempt to attach a more accurate description) in the media recently, referring to drivers who have driven into areas of roadworks which should have been clearly marked off to prevent unintended access.

They caused me concern as most seemed to conclude with the driver being prosecuted and found guilty of some offence, and fined, maybe even given some points as a bonus.

While I cannot comment on those stories as I was not privy to the full details of any those cases, just the media’s take, they did concern me as they related to a place I had been in, thankfully only once, and many many years ago – and with no damage or injury arising.

But I always wondered what would have happened if the police had been on hands, as they often are in that area.

In my case I’d been leaving Aberdeen by the usual dual carriageway due south, grim dark night with light snowfall (not enough to lie, just interfere with vision), and had the apprentice as a passenger. A route followed so many times it was virtually an autopilot run.

There’s no lighting on that road, so headlights are a must (and I had upgraded custom items fitted).

Both of us thought the road was quiet, and after driving for a while became uneasy at not seeing a single other vehicle for some minutes.

I stopped for a better look even though we were crawling along by that time.

I was glad I had stopped, as it was obvious we were in the middle of abandoned (due to the weather) roadworks.

I backed out of this, and when we got back to the start found that there were no warning signs, and that the cones which should have closed this section of road off were lying at the side of the road, meaning there was no indication to drivers arriving there.

Fortunately, nothing happened as there were no holes in the road, but I always wonder what would have happened to me (ie the driver) if it had, and I had been deemed to have ignored the signs – which I didn’t, since there were none there.

But who would believe that in court?

Even if I did have a witness in the car as to the state of the cones and signs?

See also Car crashes into ditch after workers fail to close road

Not that far away from my story – wonder if it was the same workers?

Maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in court after all.

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Poor coffee fashion victims

For various reasons best not gone into, I just don’t do ‘candid’. In fact, since most of my pics of choice are of things, and many are street objects, I often have to go out of my way and waste a lot of time just choosing my viewpoint and moment to avoid unwanted warm bags of animated protoplasm appearing in them.

But sometimes, they can’t be avoided, as per this sad scene spotted in the corner of one of my recent pics.

It wasn’t so much the people who caught my eye, as what was in their hands.

While I will never (let me emphasis that, just to be clear… NEVER) buy a cup of hot water knocked silly at one the big name high street coffee temples (unless my brain melts or is stolen by aliens), the horrendous cost doesn’t appear to put many people off.

It’s as big a rip-off as bottled water (and as dirty/polluting, with all those printed cups/lids, just like plastic bottles, going to waste).

There outright thievery was put into context when I once ventured into a web site claiming to be able to save me a small fortune simply by changing my lifestyle (I should add it failed miserably in this claim, largely because I was not stupid enough to be buying any of the junk it advised me not to), and it pointed out that anyone working in town should give up coffee from such places, and applied a simple rule (multiply the daily cost of any such things by 200 to estimate your annual spend) – so that £2 paper cup of coffee steals around £400 out of your pocket, and that’s only ONE cup per working day… two or more and you’re well on your way to a grand!

I enjoy my own coffee at home, and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER for a mere 10 p (probably more like 5 p since I only buy coffee during sales) per cup (and NOT from one of those crazy expensive ‘capsule’ machines – another stupid expensive craze).

I hope these two were just having a one-off treat while Christmas shopping (but, I doubt it).

Coffee Fashion Victims

Coffee Fashion Victims

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