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That was Baillieston’s old police station

Just as well I grabbed the best pic I could when I spotted the demolition demons circling around Baillieston’s old police station.

While I suggested I wasn’t going to get back for another, better, pic for a while, I had no idea the delay would quite as long as it was.

As can be seen, it’s gone just to make sure all evidence has been erased.

Pity, I’d liked to have made it back while the work was in progress, in daylight, just to get an idea what the structure had been like internally.

I was always curious that, from the outside at least, so much of the interior appeared to have been closed off, while they had needed to build an extension out to the rear… for more space!

OK, you don’t need to tell me some space is useless for some purposes. I did have a tiny teeny bit of architectural insight imprinted once.

Nice view of the hills now.

Once Baillieston Police Station

Once Baillieston Police Station

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